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Methadone rehab costs about $20K for a 28-day inpatient program and $3.5K for an outpatient program. Ideas on financing rehab + average cost breakdowns here.

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Addicted to methadone?

Rehab can help!

Rehabs are structured settings that help people recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Why are they so important? Rehab helps address the physical and/or mental illnesses that can co-occur with addiction. And because drug addiction is a medical condition, rehabs address your particular problem medically.

But, how much does methadone rehab cost? And how can you be creative in paying for rehab? We reveal the average cost of treatment here. Plus, we share some useful strategies to help finance treatment. Finally, we welcome your questions at the end. We do our best to answer real life questions personally and promptly.

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What influences rehab costs?

The actual cost of methadone addiction treatment can vary from just a couple hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars a day. The factors that influence the final cost of methadone rehab include:

  1. Location. The city and state where you choose to attend rehab can influence the price of treatment since prices tend to vary according to geographical location.
  2. Detox. Inpatient clinics usually include detox services in their price for treatment. If you choose outpatient treatment, you may still need to detox at a clinic before you begin your therapy.
  3. Inpatient vs. outpatient rehab programs. Inpatient methadone rehab is generally more expensive than outpatient rehab. This type of rehab includes the costs of detox, meals, and residential accommodations.
  4. Duration. The length of time you spend in rehab will make a difference in how much you need to pay. For instance, intensive inpatient methadone rehab, which can last anywhere from three months to a year or more, will obviously cost must more than traditional 28-day inpatient rehab.
  5. Luxury or business treatment settings and amenities included. These treatment facilities are more like luxury resorts and are located in beautiful surroundings. Extra services, such as spa treatments offered in some high end methadone rehab facilities, will also have an impact on the cost.

Average cost of methadone rehab

Medical detox will cost you at least $250-500 per day, and maybe more. The cost of detox varies from one facility to the next. In addition, some inpatient rehab programs will include the price of detox in their average cost.

The average price for a 28-day inpatient rehab program in the United States is just around $20K. Pricing varies significantly from facility to facility. Daily costs average around $700 per day for inpatient treatment, which include accommodation and meals.

The average price for an intensive outpatient rehab program is about three times less expensive, coming in at around $3800 for a 10 week daily program. Outpatient treatment pricing can vary, as well. The most intensive the treatment, the more expensive the final bill. You can expect an average cost of $150-200 per day for outpatient addiction services.

What is methadone rehab like?

Although it is normal to feel nervous when you are approaching something you may not be familiar with, you need not worry! Rehabs are safe places that aim to help you get better.

In general, a rehab is like a combination of school and group work. The feeling is much like one of summer camp, and as long as you are there to get better…you can get a fresh start in life from nearly any rehab center. The two main types of methadone rehab, inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab, can be better described as:

1. Inpatient methadone rehab is a facility where you live during the initial treatment stages of your recovery. During this time, you will undergo detox in medical and monitored settings. In addition, you will participate in daily therapy and counseling sessions. Rules and regulations are quite strict and enforced by program staff with 24-7 supervision. You will be expected to participate in 8-10 hours of daily scheduled therapies.

2. Outpatient methadone rehab, on the other hand, does not require a lengthy stay in a rehab facility. Instead, you can continue to live at home and are free to go about normal business. However, outpatient programs require that you travel to their facilities to undergo counseling and therapy. The frequency of these visits can vary, and ranges from every day to several times a week. Outpatient methadone treatment can be used alone or as a method of aftercare for individuals who have already completed an inpatient program.

Financing methadone rehab

Financing rehab can be one of the main barriers that keeps you from getting the help you need. But, methadone addiction treatment doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg…and there are ways you can invest in your future. So, if you find yourself thinking:

  • “I can’t possibly afford a methadone rehab.”
  • “How can I pay for such expensive rehab programs?”
  • “I cannot find ways to finance my recovery.”

…don’t lose hope! The price of methadone rehab programs may be covered by your health insurance or reduced with other forms of help that can ease your financial burden.

Have a health insurance policy? Health insurance companies will usually cover a portion of the average cost of rehab. You can call 1-877-902-5376 to find out if your insurance provides coverage for addiction treatment.

Don’t have insurance? We suggest you contact SAMHSA’s national helpline for a referral to rehab programs in your approximate living area and get more information on state agencies that support low cost rehab.

Do you qualify for government-provided insurance? Check out to shop for affordable health insurance and compare prices. The cost of substance use treatment is covered by Medicare, while Medicaid has expanded its coverage to at least 5 million adults who qualify for addiction treatment.

Looking for other ways to finance rehab? Look into a payment plan or sliding scale payment which allows you to pay for your methadone rehab a little bit at a time; you need to contact the rehab facility directly to explore these options. You can borrow from your savings account, 401(k), friends, or family…you will need to repay the money once you get back on your feet. Health care credit cards also allow you to finance health care costs at lower interest rates and make monthly payments. You can also claim the cost of Xanax rehab as medical expenses on your tax returns.

If you’re serious about getting better…then you should view this as an investment in yourself!

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Cost of rehab questions

Hopefully, we’ve eased you in your search for information and answers about the cost of methadone rehab. If you have any other questions or are concerned about ways to finance rehab, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We strive to help our readers every step of the way and do our best to point you in the right direction.

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