How do drug rehab alumni programs work?

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process that evolves over a lifetime. How can/should a drug rehab alumni program help you stay clean and sober? We explore here.

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Completing a drug addiction rehab program successfully is a major accomplishment and should provide you with a tremendous sense of pride. However, recovery is an ongoing process that evolves over a lifetime.

While drug rehab is an essential piece in the puzzle to overcoming your addiction, it isn’t a miracle cure. The real work in recovery begins when you leave treatment and begin to transition back into a daily routine. So, how can an “alumni” program work to help you stay clean?

We look into the best practices of drug rehab “post-grad” programs here. Then, we invite your questions or comments at the end. In fact, if you write to us, we’ll try to respond to you personally and promptly.

Rehab aftercare is essential

In order to maintain the addiction recovery you worked so hard for it is highly recommended that you partake in some form of a supportive aftercare program, such as participation in an alumni program. Aftercare programs like this are designed to provide the extra support and encouragement you may need in order to successfully transition with ease and less stress.

What is drug rehab alumni?

One of the most effective aftercare programs in recovery are alumni programs. They’ve become an increasingly popular option for those just completing a drug rehab program. The main goal of a drug rehab alumni program is to help strengthen your recovery by keeping you connected and active in the recovery community through the treatment facility you attended.

In these programs, newly recovering addicts are able to connect with other recovery addicts that have also completed addiction treatment and have maintained recovery for a substantial period of time outside of their initial program. The resources provided through these programs will help you sustain your sobriety.

How do alumni programs work?

Once you’ve completed a residential-based treatment program and joined the alumni program through your treatment center, you will receive services and support. You will be able to reach out to an extensive network of former graduates and other like-minded individuals who can empower you to continue working and succeeding in your recovery journey. Alumni programs are safe environments and are used to create a sense of community among new and former graduates.

When entering an alumni program you can expect to be greeted with open arms and a list full of alumni events and meetings. Typically, alumni groups:

  • host regular sober, social events
  • meet once or twice a week to connect
  • share stories with one another
  • provide a network of support

However, based on the program, you may meet more or less frequently. On top of weekly meetings, alumni directors will plan fun, sober events for alumni members such as picnics on the beach, bowling and movie nights, or even a group dinner. Whatever the event, the idea is to connect and build long-lasting relationships with one another to maintain sobriety.

Your alumni director will also follow up with you and your recovery via email, text, and phone call in order to ensure that you, and the other alumni members, are doing well and to provide support if you are struggling.

How will an alumni program help me stay sober?

By participating in an alumni program you will be able to utilize the life skills, coping skills, and effective interpersonal skills that you learned through treatment. With the help of those who have a substantial period of time clean, you can continue to grow confident in your own recovery. Ultimately, an alumni program will help you create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with other recovering addicts while you learn and grow from your collective experiences.

Drug rehab alumni programs allow you to locate and connect with local support groups as well as recovery resources within your community that you can use based on your level of need. Another beneficial factor of these programs is the ability to provide support and encouragement to those graduates of the treatment facility you attended who may be struggling with their own recovery.

Providing support and encouragement to others allows you to enrich not only your life, but the lives of others thus reinforcing the core values of recovery. Alumni programs touch on the importance of staying in contact with treatment staff no matter how far along you are in your recovery journey; by keeping these connections intact, you are provided continued encouragement and support as you progress in life.

Rehab isn’t the end of treatment

While drug addiction treatment gave you the coping and life skills needed to navigate daily life, it’s important to have a substantial support system from those who are walking a similar path.

Do you still have questions about what to expect from a rehab alumni group? Please send us your questions or comments in the form below. We do our best to get back with you personally and promptly!

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