Inspirational addiction recovery story: The Painting and the Piano (BOOK REVIEW)

Looking for an inspirational story about addiction recovery? Check out why we’re loving “The Painting and the Piano” and why you might consider adding it to your library. More here.

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Looking for an inspirational story about recovery?

Why not consider adding “The Painting and the Piano” to your personal home library?

NOTE: this book is not about alcohol, painful family tragedies, and failure… No, this is a book about the lives of two people who have a will strong enough not to allow alcohol, drugs, and legal issues to destroy their lives. It is about love, a love that becomes a strong ache in the hands of people who respect the gift called LIFE!

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Triumph over addiction after family crisis

Adrianne and Johnny’s troubled family histories results in alcoholism and alcohol dependence. Seeking treatment lead them to Alcoholics Anonymous. Within the treatment program, they start to heal. In fact, they have written this memoir to motivate and inspire other people using their life stories.

“The Painting and the Piano” is an unforgettable story of pain, loss and the undying human quest for happiness. Adrianne and Johnny’s life stories are an example showing that happiness can come as an acceptance and embrace of all the difficulties and challenges that life brings. Opening a new chapter of peace shows a persons capacity and bravery to heal and move on.

Traumas of early childhood…can you relate?

In their unique stories, Adrianne and Johnny present the cycle of abuse and addiction and the deeper sense of existence. The story begins with memories from Adrienne and Johnny’s two different damaging childhoods challenged by constant battles and turmoils. Perhaps you can relate.

Adrianne’s life starts as a heroin addict. Her life was at danger because of her biological mother who was on heroin while pregnant. Regardless of Adrienne’s painful coming to this earth, she has been given a second chance with a loving family who adopted her and loved her as if she was their own daughter.

But life turns over again in chaos when her biological parents want her back and start a struggling fight over her custody. As a consequence of childhood trauma from her parents, in her adulthood Adrianne starts drinking. The addiction to both alcohol and pills lead Adrianne to an unhappy marriage.

Johnny, by contrast, was raised by an eminent family in a Missouri suburb. Both parents struggled with addiction, which cause him to became more connected to a close mentor. The divorce of Johnny’s parents creates upheaval in his life, characterized by separation trauma. This made him vulnerable, and he starts drinking as a teen. In the end, becoming an alcoholic destroyed his marriage and left him without custody over his children.

Hope for those caught in the web of addiction

Regardless of their past, the two authors offer us hope in the solution. Written with a sense of openness and light, “The Painting and the Piano” reminds us that better things await us when we break free from addiction. And, the combined memoirs offer a unique boy-meets-girl story full of hope and promise.

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About the Authors: Johnny and Adrianne reside in South Florida with their Yorkie, Holly. Both are involved in the A.A./Recovery community. Adrianne currently works at a recovery house and Johnny continues speaking, sponsoring, and helping others in recovery.
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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