Top 10 negative effects of video games on children

Excessive television viewing and computer game playing have been associated with many symptoms in recent years. We examine the most common negative outcomes of video games that have been studied. Read on to learn the possible negative effects video games can have on children.

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Many parents worry, no doubt, about the effect video games have on their children. We list the ten most common problems recently investigated by researchers from 2006-present.

  1. An increase in emotional disorder symptoms
  2. An increase in and behavioral disorder symptoms
  3. Declines in verbal memory performance
  4. Somatic complaints
  5. Attention problems such as hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD
  6. Detrimental school performance (as video game usage increases, GPA and SAT scores decrease)
  7. Family interaction problems such as less positive parental relations
  8. Significant reduced amounts of slow-wave (REM) sleep
  9. Modifications in visual selective attention
  10. Playing violent video games is a significant risk factor for later physically aggressive behavior
Reference Sources: Pediatrics 2008 Nov;122(5):e1067-72
European Psychiatry 2008 Apr;23(3):212-8
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Males are more attracted to, and more likely to become “hooked” on video games than females which has been found to generalize across very different cultures. So being male significantly predicts computer gaming.  It’s also possible that aggression and narcissistic personality traits can predict game addiction, whereas self-control is negatively correlated with game addiction.

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I am a long time meth user, its destroyed my life and family relationships, I want to learn more life saving help from y’all!

    Sue, Texas

    1. Hi Sue. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  2. Correlation does not mean Causation. Look at Numbers 7, 1, and 2. Notice any similarities? Also, ADHD is a disorder that is generic. A child who has ADHD develops the disorder during childhood, it is not something Video Games cause. The reason why more ADHD Children are playing video games than Children that do not have ADHD, is because the instant feedback that video games contain. Someone who has ADHD is always seeking stimulation, because their brain is unable to make enough dopamine to be able to maintain an adequate attention span.

  3. i play video games all the time. like alot. ………alot…………a whole bunch………bye.

  4. I think video games CAN have a negative effect on children but don’t because some video games are creative and are violent and can have a impact on how we live. I play video games when i’m bored.

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  6. yup this is all true, admit it! better take basic play of children with interaction to other children. it will help to develop our children to grow better.

  7. this was a lot helpful,even I used to addicted to violent video games and I found myself having some of these qualities.

  8. This is coming from a top neurologist that specializes in ADHD and other disorders. “Video games are like drugs to People with ADHD. It acts the same as a drug does drug does for a means of escape. When you take the game away, you will have a negative reaction.”

    I have seen this to be true. I have also seen the games are so consuming that is all a child thinks about and wants to do. Childrens brains also do not separate the game from reality, the brain is fed
    this world of Virtual reality so therefore, somewhere, it thinks it is real. They do not understand, when you get shot, stabbed or whatever major injuries a life like avatar sustains, will actually kill you. The reality is not there. In a game you just reset to play another day. The concentrated violence also desensitizes a child to the point of truly caring and that life is disposable.

    In listening and dealing with children and teens that become addicted to these games, they speak of it as a sense of they have done it. i.e.. A child sees a military vehicle on the road or in a picture. They automatically say with the non chalantness of and experienced person “oh I have driven that”
    and proceed to tell you how the vehicle drives. Or even how a particular gun shoots. When in fact they have never experienced it. This also leads to the point that children of today that are addicted to these games miss out on living real life.

    Pay attention to how your child speaks of these games with you or their friends. You will be in for a real eye opener.

  9. Thank you for the list, but reading through the comments I think it’s important to point out that those are the top ten things that have been “studied” not what the results of the studies are. With that in mind, I always wonder if those studies are flawed…for example, there are no control subjects tested to see if different levels of brain activity are in individuals, or in society in general. But again, thank you for the list, I would have thought that violence would have been higher on the list with all the mass shootings

  10. Not actually true. You see some of these are timed based. And some games like fast paced games will actually improve your performance on a test, now an addict is a whole nother level.

  11. There are also studies that show the positivity in video gaming as a child. There are reasons as to why there are particular ratings pertaining to games, to regulate what a “child” should be exposed to. Should this not be placed under the responsibility of the parent and what they feel is of the best interest for their child? The fact that parents will read this and believe it just shows how oblivious they are becoming to the truth-in questioning what somebody else tells you. This is merely a list, there is not enough research to so factually establish that these effects are what will happen to your child if they play video games.

  12. This is just bull. I learned my english by playing video games. My hand-eye coordination is way better. I can easily make descisions because of gaming. I have a bigger self esteem thanks to gaming. I am a better team playing thanks to gaming. I’ve gotten more creative lately, and i now have varied knowledge. It doesn’t have bad effects on children, parents are just way and way to worried. GAMING IS THE FUTURE, don’t you see?

  13. My twelve year old son is an addict. Despite having time limits for games and You Tube he gets very aggressive when it is time to stop. I give him a warning, ie five minites left etc, but he is so engrosed in his game that he does not hear. When he does hear he shouts and can get violent insisting I have spoilt the game, he has to finish this fight etc and refuses to stop. He sneaks the console into his bedroom to play when I am asleep and searches my bedroom for the console, Xbox handsets etc when I have hidden them.

    He fails to concentrate in lessons, refuses to do homework and rushes it when he doea do it. Although he wants to design games at uni, his attitude will prevent this as his grades will not be good enough. I am concerned about his health, my safety due to his outbursts – they get worse when he has consequences – but mostly I love my child and I am worried for his future.

  14. Hi Deandra. No problem. Feel free to use the article on your blog, as long as you reference and link back to the original. Thanks!

  15. Nice post. I learned something new today. Would you mind if I used some of your content on my site? I’ll add you to my blogroll. Thanks!

  16. my 13 year old son had a great chance to be a professional golfer and since x-b-x and ip-d he has lost his ability to play well. Try and tell me that online games aren`t a disaster and see what i tell you.

  17. I would simply like to state a personal side to this argument.. After going through cancer at the age of 6 and having my left leg amputated, i naturally turned to videogames as a form of entertainment over more physical activities such as sports. I love video games. I probably play more than i rightfully should, but I don’t go insane. Yes i’ve pulled the occasional all-nighter on weekends, but who hasn’t? Now as a freshman in college, I am proud to say that even though i missed 3 out of 8 high school semesters due to surgery, I was able to graduate on time, with honors. During those 3 semesters, spread between freshman and junior years, i homeschooled myself while heavily medicated on prescribed narcotics. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA, because my grades slipped down to B’s and C’s during those time periods. However, how could they not when i was gone from class for 2 or 3 months at a time? I am also proud to say that upon taking the ACT, i received a 31 the first time, without studying. I have been asked by the military to ake part in their nuclear engineering program. I would like to think that I am not aggressive, but it is difficult to judge one’s own personality. I do not think video games have made it difficult for me to focus, or have caused emotional issues. yes, violent video games have more aggressive players, but those are people already aggressive from home issues that are looking for a way to express their anger. violent video games simply segregates them, not increases their probability. Another factor may be how parents choose to censor their children. rated M for mature, is just that. There is a reason you have to be 17 or older and ahve I.D. to purchase the game. Parents that buy Call of Duty for their 10 year old kid wonder why he seems so spoiled. You would send a pre-teen to war would you? Then why give him a war simulation that is visually accurate with skippable levels designated as “may contain disturbing content” focused towards the adults that play it? The average gamer in america is 35 years old. Just because it is a game does NOT mean it is for kids.

  18. ADHD and ADD will always be problems everywhere and video games wont help or make this worse. Video games are only bad when there is something reinforcing those violent tendencies so eventually they will come out and that wont be because of video games. So get your facts straight and lets see you be 1st prestige in COD without becoming addicted.

  19. addiction blog I appreciate the time and effort you did to create this blog
    it really helped me a lot in a speech i made anyways thanks

  20. this is ……. interesting i always play mt 3 favorite games Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Call of duty zombies……. it really dosen’t change the way i act. Because i’m doing a science fair project eveyone says it does……probrally cuz you’re an idiot. 🙂 Calm yourself down i mean we just had school break and i just got a projecter in my room and i had just beatin Kingdom Hearts 1 and started 2……. in 2 days i played 24 hrs. thats mabey the only thing it can do…… MAKE YOU OBSESSIVE!! But either way i’m a straight A student. I make time for education. OKAY……CONFESSION!!! i’ve actually been pretty pissed when people diss off video games. And thank you “you’re joking right?” because you are right Americans can be total idiots GO JAPANESE!!! ok i’m American….. but still. 😉 thanks tell me if ya feel me bruddas!!

  21. Hi Biased. Thanks for your questions. The link to the ‘top 10 positive effects’ post is posted above in a comment, or you can search on the site for the post.

  22. To an extent I agree with some of the negatives. I agree that extensive video game use can exacerbate ADHD problems and aggression, but that being said, there must be a preexisting condition. Environment is the key issue. If a parent yells at a kid for playing a video game, of course the kid is going to play more violently, if they die or are beaten in a game, of course they will get upset, as would anyone in that sort of situation of competition. The issues above are not always directly caused by video games, but are caused by something that was already present in the individual. Plus as Roxas and many others have said, video games can teach us math, science, resource management, time management, and leadership. So yes, video games can be bad for some kids, but that is up to the parents to find out FIRST, not wait until after things get bad and then blame video games for their child’s preexisting problem that they overlooked because they wanted their child to be perfect.

  23. i’ve been playing video games sinse i was four years old, and played my first violent video game when i was six.(i’m twenty years old now) For research to show that violent video games is a main cause to violent behavior, well let me just say it should probably be taken back to the drawing board. I have a very large collection of video games and most of the have some pretty over the top violence in them, but not once have i committed a crime, and the last time i got into an actual fist fight with another person was when i was in the 4th grade. Also now a days its hard to come by someone how hasn’t played video games, most of the having been exposed to the extreme violence that some may consist of, yet i don’t see them running around shooting people, robbing banks, or basically just starting fights with others around. Actually i see the opposite, violent video games i beleive is a great way to relieve frustration and tension,i found such relief myself when i play violent video games, and im absolutly sure im not the only one, proof being that research also shows that sinse the growth of the video games industry, crimes rates have dropped significantly. Also if this article was anywhere near accurate, with over 85% of households containing youth that play such video games, its hard to believe that the U.S hasn’t gone up in flames. Now video games may have an effect on behavior, but other factors such as living conditions, the violent neighborhood the may live in, and their childhood relationship with their parents are other things that must be taken into consideration before making such ingnorant accusations. I for one have a very loving mother and very supportive friends that play violent video games themselves and the only thing the games have influenced me to do was to seek a career in the industry that has entertained me my whole life. So when i think back to all that and reread this article, i find this article and all the sourses used to complete it to be very inaccurate. If it wasn’t, with all the violent video games that i played, i probably would’ve thrown my computer across the room instead writting out this comment. Also, heres another thing for all of you to think about, i am a sales associate at wal-mart, customer service is a big part of my job, most of my managers and even the store managers a gamers themselves, if what this article says was true, i doubt i’ve would have lasted there a month before i would’ve punched a customer in the face for how ignorant some of them can be, yet i haven’t and next month i will be hitting the two year mark working there. please people, don’t be so naive, go outside in walk into the middle of a heavily populated area, chances are your surrounded by alot of people that play these games, and what do you see, are thay attacking each other mindlessly because they been playing violent games all their lives, i think not. i have much more to say but not enough time to say so ill end with this, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, if you do, you’ll be no better than the people this article claims are out their believing everything they see in a game.

  24. this reaserch is not right if you say violent video games make people aggresive have you ever thought that aggresive people play violent video games and the same concept appys to ADHD and as for school work i play alot of video games and im doing fine and also why are you focused on something that dosnt hurt people when you should be focusing on um i dont know DRUG usage and cancer reaserch my god i agree with most of the people here you are an idiot if you trust this

  25. I think it’s kinda funny that because boys play more video games than girls that you state that being male “predicts” video game usage. That’s some funny science going on there.

  26. A female reported these summaries from studies on children and video game effects. I would refer you to the studies themselves for evidence of the effects of video games on children.

  27. Roxas, if I could “like” your post I would. I, too, learned anger management from video games. I used to get so worked up over them. I soon learned there are much better ways to get what I want. If I want to beat a boss, I have to go back and level up until my goal can be achieved. This entire article is bull. As for negative effects on thinking abilities, well, that is also bull. Video games, like any other game, train the player’s problem solving skills. Many games also require the player to pay close attention to what is happening as well as remember certain things. This most certainly will NOT cause ADD or damper one’s ability to remember things.

    I’m sorry but this article is completely false and biased. Do not blame games for child’s disorders. Readers, parents especially, please don’t believe these lies. I’d also like to say that in the past there have been people who have tried to get books and movies banned for the same reasons stated in this article.

    Also, to author of this article, you are a fanatic bastard.

  28. all these things on this list is true, but as stated before in high doses it can have negitive efects.i play video games a lot and i am more calm than i was before i played video games.i make good grades and still manage to do all things i love to do games are fun and dangerous.i herd that a kid killed his parents after playing gta for 24 hours straight.i have also herd that serguons are less likly to mess up a sergery after being trained with video games.

  29. really? I laughed so hard at this article. You people are idiots. really? you think video games are making you mental. you are mental if you beleive any of this worthless crap. I play games. The only urge to kill I have was after I read this waste of internet space. Holy Crap no wonder the world hates Americans, you people are idiots. complete and total idiots. get a fing life. or play games. yhea do that one.

  30. Most of this information has SOME sort of truth behind it. Video games have different effects based on different people. I have played games all my life, and the only thing I can say negative about games would be the fact that I often don’t do my homework. I am very intelligent, and I honestly think that video games have helped me to be as smart as I am. It sharpens your mind, as well as your imagination (contrary to belief). The only negative effect that should be listed here would be the lack of motivation, but then again, why do something boring when you could have fun playing video games?

  31. I got into a lot of fights Kindergarten-3rd grade, but in 3rd grade, I started playing video games, and have been in one fight since.
    I am now 13 and get all A’s and B’s. This article is a load of crap.

  32. None of this is true. These effects would only show in children who are already showing signs of violence or other disorders. This is just the new form of entertainment that must be torn apart before it becomes mainstream. Like Rock n’ Roll, and then movies. Now it’s video games. Get over it. The games aren’t going anywhere and ranting about it will not change the outcome.

  33. I play video games and I’m not f**king violent, stop saying all of this s**t before I come down there and sort you out.

  34. I have observed in the world the present day, video games are classified as the latest phenomenon with kids of all ages. Occasionally it may be not possible to drag young kids away from the activities. If you want the very best of both worlds, there are many educational activities for kids. Interesting post.

  35. In ADHD, you are born with it. In terms of video game addiction, it’s a problem when it’s uncontrollable anymore. Take gambling for instance. I have a friend who has a buy-and-sell business. He sold his 5 cars just to play in a casino. If you know when to say no but you can’t, that’s when you’re in video game addiction. It’s like you’re already hypnotized and you can’t control your body from standing up and stepping away.

  36. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but video games do not cause ADD or ADHD. THose are disorders that you are born with. You don’t develop them later on in life. You’re either born with it, or not. Take it from someone who has ADD and has studied it enough to know the facts.

  37. Hi Friendly Dad,

    It can be very difficult to help set limits with an adolescent child who rebels against your authority. And you cannot expect to help a teenager who does not want your help. Trying to help him quit gaming might add fuel to the fire.

    I’d suggest that you seek family counseling together with your wife. There are probably underlying issues and resentments that come with the family situation, including being a step father in the house, that you can address together. Please email us with more specific information if you’d like us to research local resources for you.

  38. i have a step son that we support and help him on everything he wants.i even bought him x box 360 inter net connection and game cards and so on.he is been physically violence and talking back and chasing me away and telling me all the bad words he tore my shirt and we wrestle on the floor…when ever i ask him to to something i have to wait 5 minutes to an hour and in a bad expression face…he plays game sometimes from 7 am to 4 am or 1 pm to 4 am…i never say bad words to him he does when friends in his room it is ok if i am in the room problems all the time…there is more in to this …this is just part of it…also the mom is on his side…i am starting to feel a bad family relationship and it is all from playing games 7 day 24 hr…what can i do to make it better…

  39. hey this is bull shiet im a full blow gamer since i was 7 i grew up fine ap classe in garland high and going to get a job just because they did this report on childre un 5 doesnt mean thi article is real this a blow of crap ther trying to serve im very socioal and im nice to my family it is true im agressive to poeple i see suspitions but if they seam harmless then itry to start a freind ship t9ill a guy tried to jack my phone when i leg him borrow it i kidedd his ass well ijm just saying you dont know about games just cuz you suck at them dont mean you have to diss them and last but not least i bet you wrote this because your son plays to much and your pissed

  40. look here guys…
    I am a gamer since age 4 starting with very simple games and slowly progressed. Now im 15 and play games like assassins creed and battlefield. I have non of the symptoms of the above. I admit these do exist but it only affects a very small percentage of people. And those who are affected, have some issues. If what i am saying is false, then the crime rates would be higher than ever. Another thing. Ever thought of all the violent things people did before video games were invented?

  41. Addiction is more than just a “problem” it’s a medically proven disease, just like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. And it’s just as life-threatening if left untreated.

  42. I play video games ALL THE TIME and I happen to have a GPA higher than 4.0 AND i passed Algebra two and Pre-calculus(Junior and Senior classes) in my sophomore year.

  43. I am sorry, but this information is wrong. Your sources are biased and unreliable. I have ADHD, but I was diagnosed with it when I was in 1st grade. I play violent video games, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Halo, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead. I have never gotten in a fist fight in my life and my SSAT scores are excellent, in fact I have been accepted into the high school of my dreams. Also, if you are trying to make a connection between video games and school shootings, let me remind you that the controls for guns in video games are about as close to the workings of real guns as the controls for a RC car are to a monster truck.

  44. This is stupid a** biased sh**. A lot of people play violent games and are perfectly fine. If they can’t handle it then they shouldn’t be playing it at all and parents should not let them. end of story

  45. I find this list quite ridiculous. I am 17 years old and i have been playing video games for as long as i can remember. everything from super mario to dead space. I have no emotional problems. Im not aggressive (i’ve never even been in a fight). Im pretty damn smart, considering i dont need to study to get atleast a 90 on my tests and that i got a 27 the first time i took my ACT. Im not overweight, i am actually at a great size. i am confident, and have many friends. I dont have ADD or ADHD. I argue with my parents just as much as any normal teen, so the notion that video games cause this is incorrect. In fact, i believe video games are responsible for helping me to improve in many aspects of my life.

  46. yea well in the real world you cant start over

    thanks this atrical will most likely help me with a speach i have to do

  47. I dont play video games due to the fact that im constantly on the move. i erased my facebook and am currently focusing on the real world. in the real world nobody is a unicorn that eats rainbows and poops out butterflies… The real world is far more interesting than that, there is wind, water, rain, snow, sleet, hail, grass, people, cars, COOKIES and my grandmother… there are various cons to playing video games but they make a very great stress reliever for people. as long as you dont lose a grasp on reality and keep a close eye on your priorities, you have nothing to worry about.

    P.S. The real world is fun and competitive just like video games.

  48. this is crapppppp absolute crappppp and bs still it is freakin crappppp i mean seriously i was born wit ADHD and i play like 2 hours of violent games like black ops and reach and i dont have any talking problems wit my family this info you gave us is a LIE even better im a worker for microsoft

  49. i play video games every day i have online freinds i am F.A.T and i have no problkems you just a hater on video games
    Call of duty black ops awesom

  50. It says in the last sentence that self-control seems to be inversely correlated to game addiction. That is as true as the sky is blue. That is the case with everything! Video games are not the only thing(besides drug) that people get addicted too. The symptoms described in this article just as easily describe some one addicted to books, but that is not addressed as much as video game addiction, is it?

    My point is that some percentage of the population have addictive tendencies, and eventually they could become addicted to anything. They could exhibit the same negative effects from something completely different.

    I don’t think we should blame a social media for a common human flaw.

  51. Hmm… this is a very controversial topic… I think I’m going to use it as a project for my Gifted class =) I will organize a debate. This site will be the only resource the Against side can use, and the site listed in blue above will be the only one available for the For side… This’ll be fun!

  52. Please recognize that most of the replys on this website about the facts that are stated, are boys/men that think all of this is untrue. Some may not be true with YOU, but these are just some issues that may be true with other children/please. Dont take it so hard. Also, all that applied & that are males that say they do play video games all the time are the only ones on here who is defending that video games is “ok”. You dont have to admit that you are wrong or that something is wrong with you/it. But atleast recongnize that this is not all about you. Everyone is different.

  53. As a teacher, researching the field of learning development within computer games I find your logic fundamentally flawed. Yes generation X does have issued with old fashioned literacy, but how much l33t speak do you kn0\/\/?

    Gen X has different thought, concentration patterns to older generations and is far more capaple of adapting to a rapidly changing world.

    Just beacause you found no tangeable reward from gaming, doesn’t mean gamers would find your interests any more rewarding. Modern gamers find the lack of interactivity stifling in literature.

    Learning is far more about problem solving today and far less about knowledge, for example logarithm tables are a thing of the past.

    Just because this trend is relatively new and expanding it is not necessarily bad. There is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Read Gee 2007 “What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy” it’s a good start to understanding something you clearly have a social disconnect with.

  54. Reply: Pork Chops!

    Dear Porky,
    This may surprise you, but, video games aren’t drugs or alcohol. Too much of anything is bad. Including excercise, eating, sleeping, and working. Everything is about moderation. I feel bad for the average american who sits on their butt and watches an average of 24 hours a week of TV. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it! That means the average kid has more restraint than us “adults”.

    Somebody who knows what he’s talking about,

  55. As many have posted so far, this is strongly biased. I bet you have never even attempted to look at the positive facts, just because you dont want to know it, and that you dont want to accept the fact that games can be educational, and helpful in someones skills as they grow up. I think you are probably also someone that thinks ‘why dont they go outside and play’ even though in this day and age, you will get kidnapped and hurt if you do. I’m not saying there aren’t any negative effects, there are, but they only come from kids who have no control on how long they play.
    If you do not think games are educational, then why is the army beginning to use video games as help? Why are schools using games to educate the children (it really works as well)? So, please stop trying to get children stop having fun. It can help.

  56. Physical aggression can be a cause of video game addiction? Seriously. Television can cause aggression; Annoying people can cause aggression; even a book can cause aggression.

    If you want facts, here is one. Play 15 hours of video games a day for a week and you’ll increase your Body weight at least 10%. Not moving an inch from your seat at long periods of time without any exercise will surely increase your weight because as you eat, you store energy. The stored energy isn’t used when playing a long time.

  57. Like many others have already stated, this list seems to be highly biased and there is very little/contradictory evidence to support most of these so-called “facts”. Rather than listing all of the glaring flaws within this post, I will direct you to the very insightful post from “Kristoffer”.

    To sum up, all of these effects are very rarely caused by video games. Many of these are more commonly caused by genetics and/or bad parenting.

  58. While I do agree with you their are negative consequences, I did find your blog highly biased, and no facts to support it. The main cause for this is that I have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD for over 20years now, and if you did your research you would know that those disorders are deprived from a chemical imbalance in the mind, not cause by any other outside stimulation.

  59. Ty so much for this information for all u retards out there YES video games are stupid and make u NOT think right so stop before u get hooked it can be as bad as being hoocked to crack,alcohol,liquor and all that stuff

  60. While I do think that gaming can resolve to some of these issues I do not believe it is the games fault. I’ll go through them one at a time
    1: This is also something that can stem from bad parenting, which I think alot of people who spend alot of time online have been exposed to. I know my mother thought I was taking speed because I stay up late, I of course denounced that quickly and I love my mother.
    2: I think this has alot to do with the nerd stigma that can be put on you. You just don’t learn to act with other people because there isn’t as many people who understand what gaming is about and what it means to you so you start to act differently. Just like smokers tend to be more sociable.
    3: Now this is one I think is true, your vocabulary can get’s lower because you have to talk or write efficiently in online gaming and use alot of shortened words so you don’t spend to much time writing.
    4: Again a result of not being in the best social spot when you spend 3-8 hours a day in front of a computer and 16 in the weekends.
    5: Attention problems are very spreadout among gamers I agree. But I think it has more to do with the fact that games provide quick rewards so you don’t have to think “Yeah it sucks now but i’ll get it later” and thus is great for people with short attention spans and things like ADHD
    6: Again I believe this has something to do with how it seems to many to be an “either / or” relationship, either you go to school do your homework and your parents like you, or you play computer games as you like to do and get hazed by society.
    7: Of course you are going to get worse parental relations when your favorite hobby is looked upon by most parents as the scourge of society. as a refference here look up Sean “Day9” Plott with his Day9 Daily #100 I know it’s long but if you really feel like digging into the subject I can strongly advice it. basically he always had support from his mother and he grew up to be a great student and still do what he loves.
    8: Propably but that might have something to do with the hours alot of people play, they’d get less REM sleep if they spend all night having intercourse or building model planes or writing papers for homework as well.
    9: I can’t exactly see why this is a negative response, alot of games require you to be able to be aware of alot of things at once and thus you alterate so you don’t focus on just a little spot but a larger one. If you get to a place in life where you need a more focused visual attention It will decrease again I am sure.
    10: I think this has alot more to do with people with bad parents starting to play games to get away. Another thing people with bad parents also do alot is to become violent and ill-tempered.

    I think males are more attracted to games because when you look at commercials for games they are usually made to target males. There just isn’t as many games that appeal to women out there and the ones that are are usually games with great story and less blow-things-up-y design to it. Aggression and Narcissistic traits could also be a sign that you should hug your kid more and give him positive reinforcement while setting boundaries to what he can and can’t do.
    I hope you read this and give some feedback on what you think : )

  61. Thanks a lot, this is a lot better than somthings that just ramble on and on about how it’s bad. i just needed a straight up list with some positive and negative feedback for a project. This helped a lot and thank you to everyone who made it and/or commented on it. : )

  62. That link is cute. lol. But I agree with the negative effects. Perfect example, the guy who shot a lot of people in his town because he wanted to be like one of the guys off on grand theft auto. Your list helped me with my paper, thanks.

  63. For those of you who ask where the positive effects are;
    The positive effects most likely aren’t shown here because, what good would come out of showing a list 2 or 3 times larger of positive effects to people who dislike video games and want others to dislike them too?

    I’ve done a ton of research on the good vs. bad issue for video games for a college class i’m taking. The majority of arguments i’ve seen against video games were made by people who seem to have only heard stories from other people. i play video games several hours a day and it interferes with nothing. i sleep the same amount as before i started playing. I find that i can concentrate better since i started playing games and i plan on continuing to play them. I’m also killer with strategy, making quick decisions under pressure, and logical thinking; my teachers could even back me up on this one.

    Most of the people who do violent things after playing video games were violent before playing them and never should have been allowed to play them to begin with. Violent video games only have a hand in less than 1/8 of the crimes that they’re blamed for. A lot of people jump to blame games for these things mostly because they look only at the bad effects and they hear only that games are blamed for most violent acts.

  64. I personally love video games and I have to say: This list seems a little biased. It doesn’t list any positive effects of video games. It’s forgetting that many games now teach us without us knowing. For instance, finding the best way to beat a level teaches us strategy, playing a game with a coherent story teaches us themes from liturature and, playing online can create a community of likeminded people who come together to discuss strategy (thus teaching us social skills). In conclusion, this list seems a little sketchy.

  65. I learned anger management from a video game. Lose a boss fight? Try again.
    I get high grades most of the time. Grammar from RPGs. Math from trying to solve if a 9999 damage will kill my 10000+ HP character.
    I don’t have any bad influence friends because I stay at home all the time, playing video games.

    Thanks to video games, I found a course to major in. And I’m loving every second of it.

    Also, I’m a girl.

  66. WIN
    MY ASS


  67. My eldest child is an Honor Roll student, female, and plays many violent video games. She has priorities that I have helped her develop. As she does not want to flip burgers for a living, she is very responsible about the amount of time she plays with any type of game. As for children becoming aggressive, this would have to be a learned reaction within the home. Perhaps this attitude is picked up from visiting friends. I feel they must only take into account certain children for their research.

  68. This is really good usefull information but I agree with a lot of other people. Games are fine as long as they are played in small spaces of time and they can be used for learnig and academic purposes. But It probably depends the gamer’s attitude towards the game itself.

  69. i mean really, the study was taken on children who already had those problems to begin with! and less rem sleep!? please! i sleep about 14-16 hours a day!

  70. This helped me with an asiignment thanks so much and don’t wotty ur in my bibliography and BTw Video games aren’t all that bad.

  71. Oh wow! I was looking for research about the negative effects of video games on adolescents and I read this article. Then i scrolled down and saw the comment about the debate, which is what I will be using the information for as well

    by the way… we won as well

  72. This information was very helpful to me. I needed this info for a school paper and it was very resourceful. Thank you for posting.

  73. “Attention problems such as hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD”
    the notion that videogames are to blame for these health problems is pretty far fetched

  74. Another significant effect of video games is that it is like a addictive hook on the brain. The child keeps on thinking and playing the game over and over in his or her mind even after playing the game itself. It reduces awareness and focus of the child.

  75. I think that far too many people see only the negative side of things when looking at video games. Educational games can be one of the best mediums to get a child interested in learning when used properly. Strategy games can also be helpful tools in developing critical reasoning skills, and in getting kids to work well as a team. In my view, games only become a problem when overused.


  76. That’s complete crap… those are only possible side effects that may happen. Lots of children and adults play video games daily and do not suffer from any symptoms as shown. The main reason males are more susceptible to being more drawn to video games is because of the rewarding reknowned attentions that are derived from the usage of the game itself. Males are more likely to to play because the male brain has a bigger reward adaptation then that of a female.

  77. Video games does have a lot of negative effects on kids and players too. Of all effects listed above i don’t think it can cause decline in verbal memory performance. I know for a fact that it causes later more aggressive physical behavior….and its more common among males to like computer games….this is a very educational post, thanks.

  78. This was great information. The ADA really should consider video game addiction as a true addiction for their next copy of DSM.

  79. I think your website is very resourcful and I think I will be using this website more often…I also used this for a report. Don’t worry i gave your site credit.

  80. I quite disagree with half of your negative effects. Good parenting can prevent at least half of your arguements, such as detrimental school performance and limited family time. The solution to this is limiting the ammount of hours the child/teen puts into these games AND the video game raters RATE these certain games to seperate the negative content from the acceptable childrens content, just as television shows and movies are rated. My point is these so-called top 10 negative effects of video games would be prevented easily just by better guidance.

  81. Thats good information i am a female and i love playin video Games and im doing a rport on Negative effects on Elementary aged children that play the violent vedio games i have a 9 year old brother that is addicted to video games especialy the violent ones and he has a bad attitude and tries doing what they do in the video thanks for the good information

  82. I play games whenever i get free time, which is after sports and homework, and i play basicaly all weekend but yet my SAT scores are above the 90TH percentile? What im trying to say is that its not the video games, its the persons motivation to be succesful in life that affects their test scores and their GPA, parents tend to fall back on video games to blame for their child’s low success because it is a controllable factor that the parents could easly take away from the child to “help” motivate them to do well in school, etc.

  83. The crime rate has acutally gone down since the release of games like Doom. We’re currently at a thirty year low in violent crimes, and it’s directly related to the release of violent video games. Maybe the kid was already violent, but the parent didn’t pay enough attention to the kid to realize it until they had the video games.

  84. Are you crazy?
    This does NOT happen to children, its over-hyped biased research.
    Where is the top ten positives that can be gained from children playing video games?

  85. Thanks for your comment, Jared. But the list is scientifically based in research. This is not to say that all kids who play video games will experience the outcomes, but that that outcomes are possible.

    Point taken, Dave. I was reading one of those celeb magazines at the beach this summer. And funny you should mention is, but Renee Zellweger was acused of running/exercise addiction because she works out for almost 3 hours a day. So, yeah…too much of anything is too much. Time for me to get off the computer, BTW. (just one more comment update…)

  86. That is an interesting list of effects, but of course, there is not a list of the amount of time it takes for those effects to reach the level of seriousness that you are suggesting.
    So yeah, that is possible but it is not a definite thing if one can be responsible and play in moderations
    A lot of the studies show that the worse effects only really happen after someone plays every day any where from 3 – 7 hours a day.
    Well duh! if one ran 3 – 7 hours a day one would be feeling some negative effects, if one smoked for 3 – 7 hours every day one could have problems as well.
    Just about everything in large doses can be unhealthy
    So if someone decides to lists the negative effects he or she should also consider mentioning the excessive amount of time one would have to play in order to achieve the serious effects.

  87. this list to me is totaly and utterly false. i have adhd , i play violent games . and there aint nothin wrong with me. besides the fact my typing and english skills are nonexistant

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