Top 10 hangover cures and tips for hangovers

What happens in the body when you drink too much alcohol? 75% of the population can tell you. Learn about the physiology of over-consumption…and check out a short list of possible aids for hangovers. This is a special post for St. Trifon, the saint of grapes where I live. Everyone gets drunk today.

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Hangovers are the body’s way to warn us when we drink too much. We feel nauseous, sweat and can experience “cotton mouth.”  W­hen alcohol is consumed, it enters the bloodstream and causes the pituitary gland in the brain to block the creation of hormones. Without the chemical signal, the kidneys send water directly to the bladder instead of reabsorbing it into the body.  In order to make up for the loss of water to all the tissues and organs of the body, water is re-distributed from the brain…this is one cause of that horrible headache in the morning. At the same time, the liver processes alcohol by breaking it down into sugars.  But this effort takes glycogen, a key chemical vital for energy.

So what can you do to make up for the imbalance caused by drinking too much alcohol?

1. Water, water and more water.  Avoid coffee, tea and sodas that will dehydrate you further.

2. Take an electrolyte supplement such as a potassium – magnesium tablet.

3. Drink an electrolyte sports drink to replenish the salt and sugar lost when your body processes alcohol.

4. Take a multivitamin and with special attention to increased doses of C and B complex vitamins.

5. Eat some eggs.  They contain cysteine which breaks down the hangover-causing toxins.

6. Take N-acetyl-cysteine, an amino acid, for the same reason.

7. Take aspirin that is free of caffeine or acetaminophen.

8. Try plant extracts like prickly pear cactus supplements before drinking to prevent hangovers.

9. Allow time to help you recover. Your body needs to process alcohol intake as it was designed to.  So, suck it up and wait.

10. Abstinence.  Need we say more?

BONUS: Banana smoothie cure for a hangover

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 6 strawberries
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 can V-8 tomato juice
  • 1-2 cups  soy milk
  • 2 spoons honey
  • nutmeg or cinnamon to taste
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such useful information, I would like to know more about best way to stop hangover best way to stop hangover which will help me to avoid anti hangover.

  2. You can’t eat if you’re throwing up! I just ate a few crackers with the cheese in the middle and drank some Sprite. I got so queasy! This hangover promises to last for several days! If you just keep going back to it like I have over the years, It’s time to admit you have a problem and learn everything you can about the sober life! Some of us are not rich, so we can’t just go off to rehab! But if you really don’t want to feel like crap anymore, you will stop yourself! I have to now, for my health’s sake! And I will do it!

  3. Hi Ned. Thanks for sharing about eating eggs to treat a hangover…do you fry, boil or how else do you prepare eggs?

  4. Most of these responses are so preachy! Hangovers happen to all levels of drinkers, and the question is about what to do once you have a hangover.
    I did gain from learning eggs are good to eat in this situation, but had to plow thru so much attitude to find it!

  5. These list of 10 ideas sound really helpful. Drinking water while your drinking has helped lessen the hangover in my eyes as well. Also, I hear it is good to eat greasy foods, is this really true? I would feel that eating greasy foods would contribute to the hangover and not make it any better. I know that greasy foods have not helped me at all. What is your take on this? Is there certain foods that are better to eat? Foods with carbs? Fruit? Vegetables? I am sure it is different for everyone but is a question I would like to know more about.

  6. I think most people who drink have some sort of hangover…it’s a bad indicator. Hangover’s are common. It’s called “one of the drawbacks”. Try rest and redbull, always good.

  7. oddly enough THC(i.e. medical weed) can be a pretty good handover cure, used as recommended by physician of course.

  8. Completely agree with most of the comments here. #10 is the best way to avoid a hangover to begin with. The sad part is that many addicts develop a high tolerance to alcohol, or become used to the symptoms of a hangover. Those with alcohol addiction can actually suffer severe withdrawal symptoms, which can be very dangerous if not properly treated. As a result, abstinence is often not an option for someone who is struggling with an addiction. This advice is good for dealing with the after-effects (the hangover), but seems to ignore the underlying issue.

  9. These are some good suggestions. Hydration is key. You can try to alternate an alcohol beverage with water. This will help to keep you hydrated and also slow down consumption.

  10. I agree with Jane, Jessica and Uncle D…..if your looking for a cure to a hangover, chances are you have a problem with alcohol and should probably seek out help.

  11. Top cure to not getting a hangover is not to drink. Second biggest cure if you are gettign hangovers on a regular basis is to hit “hair of the dog”. If you are using #2 or any other concocotion you might want to take a test to see if you have a problem with alcohol. If you have a problem with alcohol than you might want to seek treatment. Treatment not only helps you with quittting drinking but recognizing the issues surrounding your problem with alcohol. Hey maybe it is just that you like to drink and get messed up. If that is what it is get into a detox, quit for 30-90 days then step back and evaluate if you have a problem. Got a problem, get into treatment.

    If you have issues with work, legal or family get into treatment. Show these people you are willing to address this or these issues. If you don’t have a problem drink in moderation and you won’t have a hangover.

  12. If you’re waking up with a hangover, then you probably have one of thesigns of drug addiction. Try, just not drinking.

  13. If you get hit by a train, it is not the caboose that kills you.

    If you don’t take the first drink, you won’t get drunk. Anyone can stop drinking, but how do you stop starting?

    If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you probably do.

  14. This is a great article about hangovers, thanks. I use a product they sell in Texas called THC-The Hangover Cure and it works very well, not sure if it is a national thing though.

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