Character defects of an addict

The character defects of addicts are well-known in 12 step circles. But doesn’t every human have at least a few character defects? Dan Van Helden explores here.

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Everyone has character defects

Everyone has character defects, not just alcoholics or drug addicts. And I’m talking the character defects as described in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. In fact, character defects apply to all human beings and not just alcoholics or drug addicts.

Listed below are some character defects. We are all human and most of us have at least a few, if not most, of these personal defects. Check out this list and then add your comments, questions or feedback at the end.

Character defects of alcoholics and drug addicts

Anxiety – Unnecessary anxiety or stress to people, places, or things. Getting upset about others problems and not focusing own your own.

Being judgmental – Viewing issues in terms of right or wrong, when it comes to politics, religion, or world views.

Close mindedness – Negatively judging other based upon speculation.

Dependence – Relying on something. Caffeine, sugar, or fast food for example. I can’t exclude myself from at least one of these things, even when I wasn’t an active alcoholic.

Envy – Having envy isn’t just being envious of power and privilege. You can be envious about someones natural gifts like personality.

Impatience – Have a short fuse, feeling frustrated by waiting for anything.

Resentfulness – People are resentful more than they realize. They might cancel plans, didn’t follow through with set goals, or even self-sabotage in order to act out anger towards others.

Personal defects are not reserved for addicts

Everyone has character defects which makes us human beings . We are all created equal thus, we should not feel shameful just because Alcoholics Anonymous states that these character defects pertain mainly to alcoholics and addicts. What do you think?

About the author
Daniel Van Helden is a full-time father of 7 year old son. He works full time in a customer service call center. Daniel Van Helden is an alcoholic that has been in recovery since 12/09/2009. His goal is to inform people of all walks of life about addiction, alcoholism, and recovery.
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