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Marijuana withdrawal

When does marijuana withdrawal start?

Like other psychoactive drugs, marijuana causes withdrawal symptoms. In fact, it is estimated that at least 50-95% of marijuana users will experience withdrawal symptoms once they try to cut use . Why?

Withdrawal symptoms occur because marijuana contains THC, which binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain to cause effects typical of the drug. When the continuous supply of THC is interrupted, the body has to adjust because it is already habituated to it. This resulting adjustment causes withdrawal symptoms every time marijuana use is halted or reduced.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

A person experiencing withdrawal from marijuana may feel the following :

  • Aggression – the person may exhibit anger towards others
  • Agitation – the person feels tense, restless and confused
  • Anxiety – the person is worried and nervous
  • Craving – the person has a persistent desire to use marijuana
  • Insomnia – difficulty falling asleep or maintaining good sleep
  • Irritability – the person is grumpy, irascible and have short temper

Marijuana withdrawal timing

THC is lipid-soluble so it is stored in the body in fat cells. This causes the body to retain THC for fairly long time, which may cause extended withdrawal symptoms or eruption of cravings after treatment. Withdrawal symptoms may start several hours to within a day after last use of marijuana. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms then usually peak at around two to three days.

The whole duration of marijuana withdrawal symptoms can last for around two weeks. People who used the drug heavily or have developed dependence to marijuana may experience withdrawal symptoms, or residual drug effects and cravings, from time to time after abstinence .

Marijuana withdrawal tips

Once you decide to stop using marijuana, the best thing to do is to go directly to your physician. He or she can perform a health assessment and refer your case to an adequate marijuana detox clinic and/or reputable marijuana addiction treatment centers in your area. Self-treatment for marijuana addiction is not recommended. Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, such as agitation, anxiety and acute psychosis can be uncomfortable or provoke adverse actions. In some people, particularly heavy users, marijuana may result to health problems that require medical assessment. Therefore, a person seeking treatment for marijuana dependence should also undergo medical checkup to determine presence of medical problems.

If you want to stop marijuana abuse but have problems with withdrawal symptoms, it is best for you to seek professional help by going to a drug addiction treatment center or seeking individual help from a psychologist, physician specializing in addiction treatment, or a psychiatrist. Withdrawal symptoms can prove significant in preventing you from seeking treatment for marijuana addiction.

Marijuana withdrawal

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9 Responses to “Marijuana withdrawal
7:35 am July 26th, 2016

I have a drug test in September if I leave marijuana now will they find it in my system

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:38 pm July 29th, 2016

Hi Bongani. The blood plasma and urinary half-life of THC (the active ingredient of marijuana) are best estimated at 3-4 days after ingestion. But depending on the quality of THC ingested and frequency of use, the detection time frame may extended to 10-12 days after ingestion.

4:22 pm September 14th, 2016

I stopped smoking pot on August 21, 2016. I didn’t intentionally quit. I ran out and my supplier didnt respond. After about 3 weeks I decided i would quit. I had already been though the intense boredom and irriitability phase and figured i might as well clean my apartment. WOW! That was when realized how much i screwed up my life. When i was using marijuana, i put my life on hold. I stopped cleaning, doing laundry and paying bills, not to mention ignoring important aspects of daily hygiene. I was wearing dirty clothes and trying to scrape together enough cash for a mere 1/8 oz, which was more important to me than food. I got lucky. I have to go to court to fight an eviction notice that i had been ignoring, hoping it would just go away, and believe me, if i hadn’t run out of weed I’d still be hoping. I’m not blaming pot for messing me up. I’m an addict. I know I’m an addict but I used weed because it seemed safe for me. Truth is I can’t use any substance safely. I just ending up using and using until it becomes all I do, taking off days from work to stay high from morning till night. Lol and I wonder why I’m in debt. Not funny really. I’m glad I ran out. I wouldn’t have stopped on my own and this isn’t the first time I’ve quit. The other unsuccessful attempts were me actually stopping on my own, making a conscious decision to do so. My longest stretch of abstinence had been 2 years and all I thought about during that time was how I could use safely. The honest brutal truth is that I can’t. I have to remain conscious of my addiction and remind myself what happened and what still may happen. I know that the most important thing for me to do right now is to not use and to not feel sorry for myself. I have to remain sober no matter what. I believed I needs pot to enhance my creativity. That was a lie to convince myself not to quit. It was all for the high and nothing more. Just to get hazy and laugh uncontrollably. Well, I won’t be laughing when I get kicked out of my apartment. I’m so glad I quit. I didn’t realize it until after I stopped. Again, I got really lucky.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:33 pm September 23rd, 2016

Hi Jay.I’m really happy for you. Hope your message will inspire others!

8:43 pm October 29th, 2016

My son is 22 years old and he is taking drugs and as I am reading Jay’ comments, my son is exactly like this. He forgot about hygiene, At the beginning he is not taking a bath for almost 3 days, then it become a week then recently two weeks. I don’t know what to do. He is very aggressive if I talk to him and telling all the bad words. I am very hurt since I am his mother and all I want is for him to be better. Please help me. I cant drug him to seek help since he is an adult. He is telling me to go to hell. Please I need someone to help me.

11:02 pm January 13th, 2017

I’m a chronic smoker and I’m quitting and have test randomly if u go from non stop smoking like 4 blunts at least a day to just hitting a bowl once or twice everyday will ur level in urine still go down or decrease for thc

3:27 pm January 23rd, 2017

As far as I know, it takes some time for traces of thc to completely leave your body. Even after quitting completely, traces of the drug may still be noticeable.

1:14 pm November 15th, 2017

I love your infographics – and wonder if you have a withdrawal timeline for Marijuana?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:18 pm November 15th, 2017

Hi Mandy. Thank you for the the lovely words! Yes, we have, put it’s not published yet. So, you may follow us on FeedBurner here:
to get daily updates.

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