Christian based drug rehab: What to expect

A review of the main stages of treatment in Christian based drug rehabs, with a section at the end for your questions.

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What to expect during Christian rehab

Christian based drug rehabs offer addicts a Christian faith centered approach to recovery from addiction. These types of drug rehab programs are designed for addicts with a belief or interest in Christian principles. Christian based drug rehab programs combine faith-based approaches to recovery, such as Bible study and prayer, with more traditional drug rehab services, many of which are listed below.

But what can you expect during the treatment process? The main stages of rehab treatment follow. Then, we invite your questions about finding a Christian drug rehab at the end.

STEP 1: Screening and assessment

When entering a Christian based drug rehab, the first step is undergoing an initial drug screening and assessment. This evaluation is used to determine the extent of a person’s addiction as well as the best course of treatment. Assessment usually includes a combination of interviews/questionnaires, medical testing (blood or urinalysis), and a physical exam with a medical history.

STEP 2: Medical detox

Drug withdrawal is often a very uncomfortable experience, and can sometimes even be dangerous. To help an addict safely and comfortably detox from drugs, medical detox is usually recommended before you enter the educational phase of rehab. Medical detox can be an in-house service offered by rehabs, or you may be referred to a supervised clinic off-site.

STEP 3: The internal treatment of addiction

Addicts who attend Christian based rehab will typically attend several therapy and counseling sessions daily. Bible study and addiction education sessions are typically offered by Christian based drug rehab facilities. These sessions help recovering addicts gain the insight and guidance needed to head down the Christian path to recovery. Prayer sessions are also used to help guide recovering addicts and give them the hope and strength that they need to address psychological and emotional issues.

Prescription medications are sometimes used to treat certain drug addictions, particularly opiate addictions. When taken, these medications help reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. Each person who attends drug rehab will be evaluated individually for the need for such medications. Keep in mind that these medications work best when you are working on correcting the psychological and behavioral issues which compel drug use.

Additional support services in drug rehab

There is a great deal of support for recovering addicts who complete Christian based drug rehab. For instance, recovering addicts have access to guidance from spiritual leaders as well as access to social services, such as help with employment, housing, and finances. Christian based support groups such as Celebrate Recovery meet across the U.S. Additionally, your home church family can help refer you to study groups or small groups that can help support you.

What to expect after Christian based drug rehab

Many recovering addicts wonder what to expect after Christian-based drug rehab. The truth is, the long road to recovery is not over when a person completes a rehab treatment program. Making the transition back into society after any time in a drug rehab can be very difficult for some recovering addicts. An addiction aftercare program can make this process a little less stressful.

After successfully completing an inpatient rehab program, recovering addicts will typically attend several outpatient therapy sessions. If necessary, they may also spend time living in a transitional living facility, or halfway house. These houses offer them a safe drug-free environment to live in until they can get back on their feet. Christian-based drug rehab facilities will also refer recovering addicts to organizations and groups that offer much needed supportive services, such as vocational training and peer group counseling.

What to expect when visiting someone in Christian based drug rehab

Support from loved ones is strongly encouraged during drug rehab, and most Christian-based drug rehab programs do allow you to have visitors periodically. If your loved one is in treatment, there’s a good chance that you would like to know what to expect when visiting someone in Christian-based drug rehab.

Nearly all rehab programs – Christian-based or not – require that addicts spend a couple weeks settling in and adjusting to the new routine before they are allowed to have visitors. After this, you will most likely be able to visit your loved one on a designated weekend. When visiting someone in rehab, your visits will be kept short, usually only lasting no more than a few hours.

During your visit, you can chat with your loved ones and find out how their treatment is going. You may also be asked to participate in family counseling sessions or prayer group meetings during your visit. Addiction education sessions are also usually offered to visitors. These sessions are a great way for loved ones to learn more about addiction in general and learn what they can do to support and help addicts along the long road to recovery.

Can you leave Christian based drug rehab before completion?

Like other types of addiction treatment, Christian-based drug rehab is entirely voluntary. This means that technically anyone can leave rehab before completion. Quitting rehab early, though, is not recommended for several reasons.

Addicts who complete rehab are much more likely to obtain the necessary tools and knowledge that they need to maintain sboriety and abstinence. In fact, addicts who leave rehab before completion drastically reduce their chances of a successful recover, regardless of how ready they may feel to leave rehab.

Recovering addicts also typically have a number of other reasons to not leave Christian-based rehab before completion, some of which are listed below.

  • Fewer financial difficulties
  • Reduced risk of drug-related health complications
  • Preventing drug-related legal issues
  • Reestablishing trust and relationships with loved ones
  • Becoming more productive
  • Strengthening their faith

Christian-based drug rehab expectations

There’s no shame in asking for help for a drug addiction, no matter what your faith is.

Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction and want to know more about Christian-based drug rehab? If you leave us your questions below, we just might have the answers for you. If not, we can refer you to someone who can help.

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