Top 5 calendars for people in addiction recovery (2017)

Looking for 2017 calendars for yourself or to give as a present to a loved one in addiction recovery? Check out this list of 5 ideas that can help provide the right amount of motivation and support to anyone in addiction recovery or working in the treatment industry!

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What to do with your time in addiction recovery?

One of the things that people in recovery from addiction do not expect when starting a sober life is the vast amount of free time they find. While some may need to cope with boredom after addiction, others may need to find very practical ways to manage their time. Over socializing, over committing, and over working can wear us out and make us susceptible to relapse.

How can a calendar help you?

Calendars are simple pieces of paper that help us plan, organize, and remember a lot. When you think of a calendar, the first thing you envision is a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year. But a calendar can be much more! A good calendar can:

  • Help motivate you with slogans, sayings, or reminders
  • Help you keep pace of your commitments
  • Help you count your days in recovery

Here, we’ve selected a list of 5 uniquely designed Calendars for 2017 that are aimed at people in recovery. Check out this list to decide which one you’d like to get for yourself or someone you know that is in addiction recovery. At the end, send us your questions and comments via the section below the article and we’ll do our best to respond promptly.

1. “12 Steps” Calendar Free Download

This calendar features spectacular scenery photography from snow covered mountains, lakes and vast seas, old villages and city parks in The Republic of Macedonia. Each photograph is paired with the twelve (12) steps of A.A. for a monthly dose of uplifting words and messages to provide recovery hope and inspiration throughout 2017.

You can download it (FREE) and take it for PRINTING or download the DESKTOP version and use the calendar as a background on your screen.

What better way to remind yourself or someone you care about to take one day at a time?

2. “Freedom from Addiction” by American Addiction Centers

Freedom from Addiction” is the result of the good work of American Addiction Centers. Bright and popping colors, accompanied by inspirational 12 step slogans and skillful typographic design all come together in this motivating masterpiece. Download the calendars directly for your desktop and remain enlightened year round!

We have personally taken the recovery slogans and made a wall collage of them…we like them that much! If you have access to a high definition printer, you can hang them on your wall to stay hopeful and inspired ….whether you are a behavioral healthcare professional, an individual seeking addiction treatment, or someone in recovery from addiction.

3. Serenity Prayer Floral Garden Calendar

This beautiful floral garden digital art calendar will inspire you to celebrate the Serenity Prayer. This prayer was written by American theologian and philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr, and is commonly used by 12-Step recovery programs in a version slightly different than the original:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

The 12 images of the Serenity Prayer Floral Garden Calendar show a gentle play of light and color to accompany the Serenity Prayer and are sure to offer encouragement, comfort, sympathy, affirmation and inspiration throughout the year for recovering addicts.

4. “In Recovery” A Free Download for Addiction Clinicians!

Especially designed for use in your clinical practice, this calendar is based on our ebook series for people in recovery. Designed in a bright, clear and easy-to understand fashion, this calendar’s goal is to share useful and educational information about the effects of:

  • Smoking marijuana in addiction recovery.
  • Quitting smoking cigarettes in recovery.
  • Drinking kombucha tea in addiction recovery.
  • Handling relationships while in recovery from addiction.

DOWNLOAD is FREE and you can either take it for PRINTING or use the DESKTOP version as a background or a screensaver on your computer. Hang it on the wall of your waiting room, place it on your administrative desk, or print it out to give to select clientele. Designed to help people in recovery make important decisions that can affect their lives in a positive way!

5. The A.A. Sobriety Calendar

The A.A. Sobriety Calendar comes in a new and improved version for the new year of 2017. It aims to provide daily reminders of the many gifts of sobriety to:

  • yourself
  • other recovering addicts
  • your sponsor(s)
  • your sponsee(s)
  • home group meeting members
  • anyone interested in 12-Step recovery

It features interesting articles and photographs about early A.A. members and outlines important dates in A.A. history, which are accompanied by slogans, anecdotes, quotes, and humor. This is the 24th publication and will cost you $11.95 to purchase it.

Addiction recovery calendar questions

Hopefully, we’ve helped you locate the perfect addiction recovery calendar for 2017. If you have any questions to ask regarding the calendars listed here, we welcome you to post them in the comments section below. We will try to reply personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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