Oprah Winfery’s quotes on food addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

“I have done this drug (cocaine)-I know exactly what you are talking about”-revealed Oprah while on the air. Read more of Oprah’s words on addiction, here.

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Famous Addiction Quotes Oprah Winfrey [Reference Sources]Oprah on her past cocaine use and current food addiction

In our opinion, Oprah has always been a sincere person and an open book. Her openness helps others to relate and heal…she’s been a therapist and a counselor to all people in America and across the world, too. Many years ago, while on the air, Oprah shared a painfully private secret-she had used crack in her 20s. Later in an interview, she added:

“I had used drugs in my 20s with this boyfriend and I was more addicted to the boyfriend than I was to the drugs,” then she continued, “It wasn’t called crack at the time. It was called freebasing. It was before crack was crack.”

Oprah Winfery’s quotes on food addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Oprah and food addiction

Oprah has also faced food addiction, but she went through it in the public eye. She managed to turn that around, comfort people by showing that even the wealthy and powerful struggle with issues. She confessed:

“My drug of choice is food. I use food for the same reasons an addict uses drugs: to comfort, to soothe, to ease stress.” Further, Oprah has added that it’s an ongoing condition that requires continuous and conscious attention.

We love Oprah and appreciate her lifetime of efforts to bring the best out of people, hold them up, show the goodness, and still stay humble. If you like our infographic, you too can share it with others. Also, if you have any comments or questions, you can post them in the section below. We appreciate your feedback and try to provide personal and prompt answer to all legitimate enquiries.

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