Effects of heroin on sex and pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Heroin use affects male and female reproduction. How serious can those effects be? A visual GRAPHIC for you to LIKE > SHARE > PRINT OUT and use for class or office.

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Long term effects of heroin on pregnancy

Heroin is a strong illicit drug that negatively affects pregnancy and fetal development. When you use heroin, you increase of risk still birth, miscarriage, or sudden death. More effects of heroin on pregnancy here.

Effects of heroin on sex and sexuality

Heroin causes serious long term effects on sexuality and reproductive health. Using heroin makes it harder for women to conceive and triggers the loss of interest in sex. The negative effects of heroin on sexuality can include:

Effects of heroin on sex and pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • decreased libido
  • impaired judgment
  • problems with fertility and conception
  • risky sexual behaviors

Effects of heroin on male and female reproduction

Effects on male reproduction

  • abnormal semen structure
  • difficulties with erection
  • lowered sperm count
  • sexual impotence
  • weaker libido than usual

Effects on female reproduction

  • abrupt interruption of menstruation
  • affects potential fertility
  • decreased sexual drive
  • heroin accumulates in breast milk
  • irregular menstrual periods
  • poor nutritive values of breast milk
  • risk for sexually transmitted diseases

Effects on a fetus

  • baby experiences withdrawal symptoms right after is born
  • blood poisoning
  • born underweight
  • brain damage
  • decreased immunity and chronic sickness
  • miscarriage
  • neonatal abstinence syndrome
  • pass infections such as HIV, hepatitis b or c,
  • premature birth
  • premature labor
  • stillbirth
  • sudden death
  • unexplained seizures

Effects on early childhood

  • constant activity changes
  • difficulties learning
  • impaired attention
  • lower performance at kinder garden
  • problems with sleeping
  • slower brain development
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