Effects of Adderall on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Use of Adderall for more than 4 weeks in adults or 3 weeks in children can result in specific effects on your brain. Find out more about the long term effects of Adderall on the brain in this graphic.

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Long term effects of Adderall on the brain

Long term use of Adderall can affect neurotransmitters to the point of damage, especially when abused. Adderall abuse is also associated with mental health issues, such as severe long term depression, paranoia and hostility. More here.

Specific long term effects on the brain

Non-therapeutic Adderall use  or abuse in high doses over a long period of time can cause temporary and permanent effects on the brain.  These can include:

Effects of Adderall on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Damage to behavior – Paranoia, violence, aggression, lack of coordination, hostility.

Damage to the nervous system – Impaired motor reflexes, motor ticks, impaired speech, verbal ticks, insomnia.

Damage to the neurotransmitters – Causes dopamine to be washed out of the synapse, prolongs the presence of dopamine, increases the release of norepinephrine, prevents the reuptake of catecholamine into the presynaptic neuron, inhibits the function of monoamine transporters.

Damage to the personality – Tiredness, feeling irritable or angry, emotional mood swings.

Psychological damage – Schizophrenia, depression, mania, pseudo-hallucinations, delusions, psychosis, dysphoria, emotional and mental discomfort.

What are typical doses of Adderall use and abuse?

Typical daily therapeutic doses

  • safe dose for children………….2.5-5mg
  • safe dose for adults…………….5-60mg

Typical Adderall abuse dosage

  • per day (addicts) …………………….70-500mg

Typical lethal doses

  • overdose ………….. 20-25mg per 1kg body weight
  • 1360mg for an average 150lbs adult

How long is long term?

Long term use of Adderall is estimated to be 3 weeks in children and 4 weeks in adults.

Chronic use of Adderall

Chronic Adderall use is a repetitive pattern of abuse that causes negative consequences to:

  • finances
  • health status
  • social relations

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