Long term effects of Adderall on pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

What are the effects of Adderall on sexuality? Main effects include decreased libido, troubles with conception, and erectile disorder. Check out this graphic for more quick facts.

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Long term effects of Adderall on pregnancy

Adderall can trigger the loss of sexual drive and incites fertility impairment and impotence. In fact, Adderall can harm sexual function and affect fetal development. Both sexes are equally in danger of Adderall addiction side-effects, but females are more likely to abuse Adderall due to weight loss. More on Adderall’s effects on sexuality and pregnancy among both men and women here.

Effects of Adderall on sex and sexuality

Adderall seriously affects sexuality and reproductive health. It makes it harder for women to conceive by causing irregularities in the menstrual cycle. It triggers loss of interest in sex men risk erectile dysfunction and impotence if misusing Adderall. The main (worrisome) effects of Adderall on sexuality include:

Long term effects of Adderall on pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • decreased libido
  • erectile disorder
  • impotence
  • problems conceiving

Effects of Adderall on male and female reproduction

Effects of Adderall on male sexuality

  • decreased libido
  • decreased sperm count
  • erectile disorder
  • sexual impotence

Effects of Adderall on female sexuality

  • Adderall accumulates in breast milk
  • decrease of sexual drive
  • irregular menstrual periods

Effects of Adderall on a fetus

  • baby experiences withdrawal symptoms (dysphoria, agitation, and lassitude)
  • long-term neurochemical and behavioral alterations
  • low birth weight in babies
  • premature delivery

Effects of Adderall on early childhood

  • altered locomotor activity
  • inhibited growth
  • memory deficits
  • problems with learning

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