Cost of cocaine addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

A $100 daily cocaine habit can end up costing you 36.5K in a year. Wondering about the real costs to your wallet and our society? Explore this infographic and learn more.

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Do you know the real cost of cocaine?

Illegal drug use costs society approximately $193 billion each year. How much is a cocaine habit costing you personally, as well as tax payers?

Explore this infographic, check out the data, and do the math for yourself. At the end, we welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to share, as we try to answer all comments personally and promptly.

Cost of cocaine addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Cocaine use costs on American society

The cots of habitual and long term cocaine use impact many aspects of the addict’s life, the life of their closest family members, and the lives of us as members of society. In fact, a large proportion of the total cost of using cocaine usually can result in:

  • cocaine-related motor vehicle crashes
  • loss in workplace productivity
  • increased healthcare costs
  • increased law enforcement and criminal justice
  • social welfare costs

How much does cocaine cost you a day, month, or year?

The direct expenses for obtaining cocaine are relatively high compared to other psychoactive drugs. Still the cost of cocaine will depend on where you live in the U.S. Your geographic area – urban vs. rural, coastal vs. inland, East Coast vs. West Coast – will also affect the type of grade and quality of cocaine available to you, as well as its source. Here are some generalizations:

  • A bump of cocaine (35 mg) costs you about 3$ – $4.
  • A gram of cocaine can cost you $40 – $65 in the Bay Area, or $60 – $80 in NYC.
  • An eightball of cocaine (1/8 oz) – that will probably cost you around $150 – $205.
  • A key (1 kilo or 2 lbs 3.27 oz) of cocaine can cost you from $16,000 up to $21,000 or more.

You should take into consideration that in time and with chronic use, it is very likely that you may be burdened with many additional cocaine-related expenses due to:

  • cocaine overdose
  • criminal charges and prison due to possession, dealing, or trafficking
  • hospital visits
  • legal expenses
  • job loss
  • relationship break up
  • unintentional injuries

The cost of cocaine questions

Reportedly, there are about 2.1M regular cocaine users in the U.S. If your cocaine use is getting out of your control, or you know someone who is abusing the drug, explore this infographic.

REMEMBER: In the end, cocaine can cost you much more than what you pay out of pocket, including your family, career, and health.

Also, reach out for help with cocaine addiction. We can help! Simply write to us in the comments form below. We appreciate your feedback and try to respond personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

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