Thursday January 24th 2019

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Charlie Sheen quotes on drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

Famous Addiction Quotes Charlie Sheen [Reference Sources] He survived addiction… because he’s Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the  most notorious celebrities to have publicly struggled with addiction for years. He has been through meltdowns, rehabs, public humiliation and treatments, which is why we decided to share his words in an infographic.

Addiction is a serious condition and people who ask, “Why don’t they just quit?” simply don’t understand that addiction is far more than a choice. Drug and alcohol abuse are compelled by deep root causes, they are a tool people use to cope with many issues in life, but they can be helped…however, it’s never a good to leave it untreated.

Charlie Sheen quotes on drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Charlie’s quotes about drug addiction

In February 2011, Charlie Sheen claimed he was clean of drugs and alcohol, but high on himself, and of course many doubted his claims of sobriety. He seemingly victoriously responded to the doubtful claims, saying:

“I think I have a duty as a recovering guy to help, to make my knowledge of what I went through accessible.”

We support Charlie, in his efforts to stay sober and devoted to recovery as well as to share his story with others. We hope his own experiences can inspire people with drug issues to seek help.

If you are looking for help and addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to write us. Our mission is to help people find suitable rehab and support during addiction recovery. Do you like our infographic? Share it with others and also send us your feedback through the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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