Wednesday January 23rd 2019

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Alabama vital statistics: Who needs addiction treatment? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Here, we review the cold hard facts related to substance abuse in Alabama. You’ll learn about the gap in addition treatment services, and how the state compares to national averages.  And more on who’s using what…but the biggest shocker is that the demand for treatment outweighs the supply!

Alabamans need addiction treatment

Did you know?

Alabama vital statistics: Who needs addiction treatment? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. Alabama has the 26th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the U.S.
  2. In Alabama, prescription drug related deaths outnumber heroin and cocaine fatalities … combined.
  3. The need for substance abuse treatment in Alabama is not nearly met!

If you are looking for reliable and accurate information on drug abuse, dependence, and/or addiction in the State of Alabama, look no further. We’ve taken statistics from government sources and created a clean design to present you with data about addiction in an interesting, understandable and graphic way.

Alabama vital statistics

Also included here …

  • The number of drug-induced deaths in Alabama
  • The most commonly used drugs by Alabamans
  • The male to female ratio of substance abuse in Alabama
  • The most common causes for ER visits in Alabama
  • Who’s using what in the State of Alabama?

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