Adverse effects of meth on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

How does meth affect the brain? A brief list of effects here! Check this infographic and give us your feedback in the comments section at the end.

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Adverse effects of meth on the brain

You cannot predict how long the effects of meth will last, or how severe they will be. Psychologically, even after quitting, cravings may persist for years. Physiologically, prolonged meth use can cause permanent brain changes.

Adverse effects on the brain can include:

Adverse effects of meth on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • changes in brain, structure and function
  • deficits in thinking and motor skills
  • hallucinations
  • homicidal or suicidal thoughts
  • impaired judgment
  • increased risk of Parkinson`s disease
  • loss of coordination
  • memory loss
  • paranoia
  • permanent damage due to increased temperature
  • psychosis
  • repetitive motor activity
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hello Beth. I’d suggest that you call a detox clinic directly for an answer to your question. They will have experience and medical expertise regarding meth withdrawal and temperature fluctuations in the body, as well as treatment protocols.

  2. Hello Angela. I’m so sorry to hear about your challenges….but thankfully you are facing them in sobriety! Fibromyalgia is a tricky diagnosis in that it’s really a catch-all for unexplained pain. Where it comes from may be less important than how to treat it. I found a good NIH guide here that advocates for lifestyle changes and diet:

    Good luck!

  3. I have done extensive research on methamphetamine and I’ve not heard or seen much of any information relating to brain damage occurring from temperature. Can you please elaborate on this? How high of degrees and for how long does it take for damage to take place? What causes temperatures to rise to such a level?

  4. I used meth approx 2-4 years regularly daily or weekly only snorted or smoked it was addicted to pain pills 2-7 years and am now clean and only smoke marijuana regularly ! I have been diagnosed after 10 years of being clean w fibromyalgia! I wonder if the increased serotonin produced over time from meth use has damaged my brain function and that’s why I feel so much pain! When I used meth I never had pain! I just feel like fibromyalgia that is hereditary can also be caused from drug use

  5. Hello,I am 46 years old ,three adult children30,26&20 years old I have beemn on meth since I was 13 years old my biker sister gave it to me when I was curious about what all the adults had been doing around me that seemed o.k. to try .At that time the then called crank was made differently than what is called meth or Krystal Meth now and the high was slightly different lil more laying and seemed less damaging than today’s meth. At the age of 43 I sighed a serve stroke almost killing me and putting me in S2 week coma and losing my left side mobility. Leaving me not able to work any longer ,now I had learned at such a young age how to function being high that I raised my the children, I worked my first job at their elementary school, I worked at a chain store that the local officials shopped at, I was head of PTO club at my kids school and girl scout leader took dance lessons with my daughter and held school carnivals for football fundraisers yearly to keep my boys active in sports.i was married to a man who was also told around the drug scene and didn’t see giving it to me over the 15 year marriage being a real problem either, until it marital problems became some that we didn’t know how to deal without them Now and I went off the deep end choosing to leave my entire family and go into drugs deeper than I already was. I was selfish I was lost & lonely I was feeling as though I need to be high in order to get away from him being he too was a big provider of my addiction, so I did some it didn’t matter how I did I just was sure ineed to go.iwas tired at that time already thinking of how to tell my kids of why I left them behind it was almost impossible to be honest so I moved on got no custody since by law I actually had abandoned my entire family. I only visited my three children few times a year and cried and cried the whole time while my two youngest never understood why if I was so sad then why I didn’t go back home yet. I soon moved on toast nice clean and sober new boyfriend a different style is person whom igrasped on very tightly too, he Told one point before we meet had his drug problem as well so we clicked enough to make my very first attempt to quit in hopes of getting any kind of visits with my children. We made a pack and we did the sober steps together clean and sober 6 years after the sixth year of gaining Ron’s of weight CBD then becoming a drink I couldn’t take the weight gain and insecure feelings about my weight anymore and decided to do only a very lil of my one night to drink to drive then he did to we went on a3 year stretch noon so I began to move on to better and better jobs for to see my children regularly as they began to become adults driving, college and choosing to see me or not. I kept my at till l consistent daily habits a secret it to went over board as my first relationship did and I believe we changed growing apart then one day as I wanted to still find a better job I began to research how to clean & flush my blood system out so I would be able to pass drug test at job interviews and the internet said to g niacin so I went to local CVS and bought myself over the counter niacin tablets within 2 week period I had a serve stroke causing a brain
    Anurism , coma and my brain was filling up with blood so badly my only daughter has to make the decsions on to preform brain surgery which was 99%aye I would come out with perminatley brain damage leaving me mentally re yards bus I already had looss of my entire left side so she decided to leave the medicine take its course and thankfully it did work. I’m grateful for my children and my life but I cannot seem to get myself off of of the meth I’m now in physical Therapy but still not to mobile on my left side I’m deciding if drug rehab might be a good choice if I can get to a good live in program I feel it needs to be a really good one considering my body has been so as justed to it for so many years now .any advice for my treatment I’m scared to face what I’m now I need too but am ready to be sober finally I guess I’m scared to let my family know I need help ag

    1. Hi Inez. There’s no room for fear, your family is there to help you. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment program for your needs.

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