Adverse effects of hydrocodone on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hydrocodone has a chemical structure that is related to that of codeine and morphine, and has similar effects on the brain. But how does hydrocodone affect the structure and function of the brain? A list of negative side effects here.

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Negative Effects Of Hydrocodone On The Brain

You cannot predict the adverse effects of hydrocodone, but there are possible side effects or consequences to long term use of hydrocodone for more than six (6) months. Psychologically, even after quitting, cravings may persist for years. Physiologically, prolonged hydrocodone use can cause brain changes. More on possible side effects of hydrocodone and the brain here.

Primary effects of hydrocodone on the brain:

Adverse effects of hydrocodone on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • abnormal and unusual thoughts
  • addiction
  • causes respiratory depression
  • compromised mental functioning
  • cravings
  • mental depression
  • sedation

Secondary effects of hydrocodone on the brain:

  • anxiety
  • causes sedation and mental clouding
  • confusion
  • difficulty thinking
  • lowered responsiveness
  • paranoia
  • sudden mood swings

Tertiary effects of hydrocodone on the brain:

  • euphoria
  • lightheadedness
  • slows brain activity
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