Drinking kombucha in recovery

A workbook that outlines risks vs. benefits of "healthy" tea.

Should you drink kombucha in recovery?

Made from sweetened black and/or green tea, kombucha tea has many health benefits, tastes delicious, and is easy-to-make at home. It contains beneficial bacteria, probiotics, enzymes, and Vitamin B. However, it also contains from 0.5% to 1% alcohol and can produce mildly relaxing effects.

So, it is healthy or not?

Here, we review the common outcomes of drinking kombucha tea in recovery. Then, we invite you to complete the decision-making worksheet to decide if it’s right for you. In this guidebook, we’ll cover main topics like:

  • What is kombucha?
  • How the body responds to kombucha
  • Who should NOT consume kombucha
  • Risks vs. benefits of drinking kombucha

We truly hope that this e-book and accompanying worksheet will help you live a healthy, happy life. Please contact us with questions or if you need support during the process.

Happy reading!

Drinking kombucha in recovery

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