Wednesday September 26th 2018

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INTERVIEW with Jewish Recovery

1. What was the impetus to start Jewish Recovery? What is its mission, core beliefs and how is it funded?

Jewish Recovery (JR) was started to create Jewish content for the recovery community, especially Jewish recovering addicts. Our mission is to help take down the barriers that prevent Jewish people to get help from 12 step programs. Our core beliefs are that a Jewish persons recovery can be enhanced with their spiritual Judaism, and their spiritual Judaism can be enhanced with their 12 step recovery.  JR is a project of the Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House of West Bloomfield, MI in partnership with

2. How is the program managed? Any best practices in recovery or treatment you’d like to share?

Various Recovery Rabbis contribute weekly blog posts and articles. Jewish recovering addicts submit original material for the Voices section.

3. What demographic of people are you trying to reach today, and how might that change going forward?

We are trying to reach every Jewish recovering addict that is online. We are planning a publishing dept. that will focus on publishing books and newsletter for the unplugged recovering addict…

4. Do you search for partners, or are you focused on being a self-reliant program?

We strive on engaging our readers in the conversations, by commenting and submitting original material. We are currently partnering with the good people at to provide the social networking component for JR. They have developed a module that will be integrated in the next few weeks on the JR site. Meanwhile it can be accessed at

5. What new programs or features do you plan for the coming months/years that we should know about?

We would like to see much more recovering addicts on Twitter and FB. We are promoting a hashtag for all #recovery related update on twitter to help find content easily. Please spread the word!

Rabbi Yisrael Pinson
Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House
Meer Family Friendship Center
6892 West Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

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2 Responses to “INTERVIEW with Jewish Recovery
Neill Neill
12:53 am February 3rd, 2009

Great news to hear of another treatment approach, as an alternative to AA.

Veritas Villa
7:11 pm June 7th, 2010

Community is so important for those in recovery. Using social media as a resource is such a great idea to bring people together!