Can you get rid of food cravings?

Battling caffeine addiction, I talk to Kara Sorenson, a licensed acupuncturist. Her acupressure technique worked (temporarily) for me, a coffee junkie. Here I explain what happened and my thoughts on thought – replacement.

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Food craving treatment by phone?

I’m partial to alternative treatments and medicine as a complement to modern medicine.  In dealing with a very real and present addiction to caffeine, it’s not surprising that I jumped at the offer to try out food craving sessions over the phone with Kara Sorenson, a licensed acupuncturist from California.

Kara was a true pro.  Here’s how it went:

    1. She sent me a Word doc. with questions about my food cravings, general health, family/personal medical history and personal habits.
    2. I completed the questionnaire and returned it to her before our phone call.
    3. During our first phone call, we talked about my major craving (COFFEE!) and both the emotional, physical and mental beliefs behind the food addiction for about 15 minutes.
    4. Kara then guided me through a series of questions and taught me to self-apply particular acupressure points.
    5. As I held acupressure points and repeated key phrases that I had chosen, the strength of former thoughts and beliefs lessened.
    6. The next day, my craving for caffeine (COFFEE!) was gone.

Kara holds food craving sessions over the phone and works out of direct experience.  She told me:

” I had food cravings for years, and studied nutrition to ‘try’ figure them out, then Chinese Medicine.  I now help others with their food cravings. I mostly use my acupressure technique with my patients…Although I have a great technique for working with cravings, I find that there is a lot shame around food cravings that make it hard to reach those that could benefit from my work.”

Each of Kara’s phone sessions take about an hour, but she recommends that you allow an extra fifteen minutes just in case you go deeper into a particular direction. Also, you’ll need privacy and you may feel tired or energized after the session, so plan the time after accordingly.

After our first session, Kara worked with me both via email and phone for another 20 minutes…to help wrap up our session.  I admire her simple, yet effective method and believe that you can really dig down deep to help resolve cravings.  But, what happened the next days after our sessions?  My initial thoughts and beliefs about my food addiction were replaced by others!  And my “need for coffee” returned.

In general, I feel that acupressure for food cravings is effective.  However, in my personal experience … there is no end to the complexity and  mystery of the mind.  Thoughts spring from a place deep, deep inside of ourselves…and dissolving the power of one thought will lead to the strengthening of another.  Anyone who has observed themselves in meditation can confer.  So, where does this leave us?

I don’t really know.

Working with Kara helped me first of all make conscious thoughts that I did not know I held about coffee.  Surprised me.   And I DID feel the effect of these thoughts losing ground.  In the end, I think that anything that helps us get to know ourselves better is valuable…worth our time and energy.  So, acupressure for food cravings might just be a “practice” instead of a one or two-time deal.   What do you think?

Opinions welcomed.

Kara’s contacts: 415.819.8172 
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. im on day 3 of the most difficult journey of my life so far and was looking for a little help along the way found this site . just reading that there are people out their in a similar situation to me but just that little bit further on gives me the strength to carry on.

  2. Ares Vista – Smoking is really difficult to stop! From observing my husband, I can tell you that it takes incredible effort and support. I do think that this type of light hypnotherapy can help you identify what’s going on mentally right before you reach for a cigarette, which can be very useful when trying to quit. How’s it going a year later?

    Abbie – I had beliefs and ideas like, “No one is going to stop me from having a cup of coffee.” (rebellion) “I deserve this.” (indulgence) “I don’t drink or do drugs, I need one vice.” (justification) Can you relate?

  3. I used to weigh in at a massive 18 stones 4 lbs, until I visited a local healing / health advice clinic. They discussed my problem with food and access to lots of it (I’m a caterer) and they gave me some lessons on how to disuade my problems with cravings and binging. The treatments involved learning how to massage my own feet ! It was as simple as that. Just using a firm pinch I had to press into the soles of my feet until my mind had fogotten my latest pang of hunger. It usually took around 30 seconds, but they certainly drain away. I’m now a handsom 13 stone 6 lbs (picture on my website) and I rarely eat at all when I’m working, my mind seems to have cured itself 🙂



  4. You gave great points here. I did some research on the subject and have found nearly all people agree with your blog.

  5. What kind of beliefs and thoughts did you have about coffee that you didn’t know you had? I’m really curious about this, as a recovering caffeine addict myself, who first got hooked at twelve. I’m sure I have lots of limiting beliefs and assumptions that are subconscious to me at this point.


  6. Great post! I have been hearing more and more about this technique, thanks for spelling it out for us.

  7. Great description of the session! You are right, sometimes, it takes more sessions to be free of a craving. I’ve had patients be free of their cravings in one 30 minute session, and yet others require several more. How many it will takes depends on so many factors that can’t be predicted ahead of time. We are all unique individuals with unique histories. When more sessions are needed, it just means there is more benefit yet to be gained.

    The important thing is to stick with the process until it is complete, until the cravings have faded for good. This method has been successful for many people, so I know it is possible to be free of cravings. I also know there are other methods out there that have helped people. I wish you the best in whatever path you take, and will email you offline.

    Kind regards,

    Kara Sorensen

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