Professional drug and alcohol interventionist: When to call in help

It’s best to call in help from a professional drug or alcohol interventionist anytime you need guidance in planning an intervention. More on how to find a professional interventionist here.

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Millions of families are affected by drug and alcohol addiction each year. These families are often torn apart by financial, health, and relationship problems due to the substance abuse. Unfortunately, it’s not usually easy to convince an addict to quit using drugs or alcohol and get into a treatment program.

So, when should you call in a professional? We review here.  Then, we invite your questions about planning an intervention for drug or alcohol problems at the end.

What is a professional drug and alcohol interventionist?

A professional drug and alcohol interventionist is a mental health professional that is experienced in planning and staging interventions. Interventionist may be licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, or addiction counsellors. However, they also have a great deal of experience helping individuals cope with addiction and get their loved ones into treatment.

Although it isn’t required, some interventionists choose to become registered with the Association of Intervention Specialist Certification Board. Board Registered interventionists are screened and must have a certain level of education, licensure, and experience. This helps ensure that families that need help with an intervention get only the most qualified professionals in the industry.

When to call a professional drug and alcohol interventionist

Many individuals believe that they can successfully stage an intervention without the help of a professional interventionist. In truth, while you can plan an intervention on your own, you can also feel lost or confused. This is why it’s recommended that you reach out to a professional drug and alcohol interventionist anytime you are planning an intervention.

The following list gives you a few ideas of when to call a professional drug and alcohol interventionist.

●    A previous intervention, without a professional interventionist, has failed.
●    All other attempts to get the addict to quit doing drugs or drinking have failed.
●    Your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and their addiction is becoming a severe problem.
●    Your loved one has tried to quit drinking or do drugs in the past and has failed.
●    Your loved one’s substance abuse is causing financial, marriage, career, school, legal or health problems, yet he or she still refuses to quit.
●    You and your loved ones are ready to stop your enabling behaviors and are ready to show some tough love.

How to find a professional drug and alcohol interventionist

Finding a drug and alcohol interventionist shouldn’t be very difficult. One of the best ways to find an interventionist is by contacting local addiction treatment facilities. These facilities often have professional interventionists on staff. If they don’t, however, they will usually be able to put you in contact with some.

You can also contact interventionists directly. The Member Directory on the Association of Intervention Specialists website has an extensive list of Board Registered Interventionists. This list is organized alphabetically by state.

Professional drug and alcohol interventionist questions

If you’re looking for a professional drug and alcohol intervention specialist, this is most likely a very difficult and confusing time for you. Before you choose an interventionist, be sure to learn as much as you can about the process, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

In fact, feel free to start here. Leave any of your professional drug and alcohol interventionist questions or concerns below and we’ll help point you in the right direction as soon as we can.

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