Month: June 2013

Dependence on marijuana

Think you can’t become dependent on marijuana? Think again. Dependence on marijuana results in withdrawal symptoms upo ...

Help for Suboxone addiction

Information about Suboxone addiction and resources for getting help. Plus, how to help a friend or family member with Su ...

Help for alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction ruins lives and causes financial stress. Getting help for alcohol addiction is the first and a necessa ...

How is OxyContin abused?

OxyContin abuse = any time OxyContin is cut, broken, chewed, crushed, or dissolved. More here. ...

Tolerance to Spice

Tolerance to Spice manifests as the need to smoke more Spice to get high. What are some other signs of Spice tolerance? ...

How to withdraw from alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal can present both psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is safest to withdraw ...

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