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tramadol questions


Tramadol withdrawal side effects

December 29th, 2013

Tramadol withdrawal can include effects such as muscle pain, sweating, agitation, and panic attacks. More on withdrawal effects of tramadol and how you can treat them here.


How is tramadol abused?

November 4th, 2013

Tramadol abuse occurs anytime you take tramadol other than prescribed. Taking more tramadol than prescriibed, more often than prescribed, or in ways OTHER THAN prescribed is equal to tramadol abuse. More here with a section for your questions at the end.

Signs and symptoms of tramadol addiction

May 22nd, 2013

Tramadol addiction signs include physical and behavioral changes like poor hygiene, changes in sleeping patterns, or mood swings. More signs and symptoms of tramadol addiction here.


Tramadol withdrawal treatment: How to treat tramadol withdrawal

March 7th, 2013

Tramadol is a synthetic opiate agonistic that provokes physical dependence or addiction after regular use. So how do you treat tramadol withdrawal, given this potential to be habit forming? We explore here.


How to stop taking tramadol

October 17th, 2012

Never stop taking tramadol suddenly. Instead, work with a doctor to gradually taper off tramadol by 10% daily, 20% every three to five days, and 25% a week. More here on how to stop taking tramadol.


What is tramadol withdrawal?

October 7th, 2012

Tramadol withdrawal occurs after you’ve been taking tramadol regularly for more than a few weeks. What to expect during tramadol withdrawal here.


How long does tramadol withdrawal last?

September 26th, 2012

Tramadol withdrawal can take up to several days before acute withdrawal symptoms dissipate.
But symptoms of tramadol withdrawal can last up to several months after you last take tramadol. More on how long tramadol withdrawal lasts and what you can expect here.


What are tramadol withdrawal symptoms?

July 27th, 2012

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, sweating and abdominal pain. Risk of seizure is also possible during tramadol withdrawal. More here on what tramamdol withdrawal symptoms to expect during detox here.


How is tramadol prescribed?

July 19th, 2012

Tramadol is an opioid medication prescribed in starting odses of 25 mg to help manage pain and withdrawal symptoms. More on Tramadol dosage, cost, and prescriptions here.


How does Tramadol work?

May 31st, 2012

Tramadol works by interacting with opiate receptors in the central nervous system to change how the brain and body perceive pain. More here on how fast and how long tramadol works, as well as what makes tramadol work better.

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