Friday November 21st 2014

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Finding people in addiction recovery: INTERVIEW with Sober Grid

Can you imagine having a community where sober people meet? There is an APP for that! More here on finding people in the program… almost immediately.

Why is outpatient aftercare important after residential rehab?

Outpatient addiction aftercare helps people transition from the safety of residential rehab to real-life situations. More on who can benefit from outpatient addiction aftercare here.

Is recovery a lifelong process?

Yes, recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. What can you do in early recovery to start on the road? Practical suggestions here.

How to create a gratitude list

Gratitude = positive attitude. How can you start to incorporate gratefulness every day? Learn how to make a gratitude list in 7 easy steps here.

Sober summer activities

Some ideas for fun-in-the-sun activities..without the hangover!


Is the anonymity of A.A. outdated?

Many addiction recovery advocates are speaking out for recovery. So, is anonmyity helpful or hurtful? We ask questions about anonymity and invite your feedback here.

Top 5 Al-Anon alternatives

Al-Anon just doesn’t work for everyone who is close to an addict or alcoholic. What are some alternatives? We explore here.


Documentary on Bill W.(Wilson)

A.A. is not the most transparent of organizations on which to base a film or story. But the new documentary on Bill W. is excellent. Here’s why.


5 alternatives to AA 12 step meetings

ISO alcoholism support group options? We introduce five (5) reputable alternatives to 12 step meetings here. As always, we invite comments and feedback about alcoholism treatment alternatives at the end.

SMART Recovery meetings: What to expect

Looking to attend one of your first SMART Recovery® meetings? SMART Recovery Facilitator Patrick Garnett describes what happens during meetings here.

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