Thursday November 27th 2014

relationships in recovery

Finding people in addiction recovery: INTERVIEW with Sober Grid

Can you imagine having a community where sober people meet? There is an APP for that! More here on finding people in the program… almost immediately.

How to cope with addiction: 5 steps for surviving a lifequake

How can you survive and thrive in addiction recovery? Here, you’ll find 5 principles to encourage you to reach out and get help, from Dr. Howard Samuels.

Addiction recovery and romantic relationships

How can you choose a mate from a place of sanity in addiction recovery? We explore here.

Addicts living at home: Are you hurting your kids?

If you are in a relationship with an addict (or are an addict yourself) and children are involved, you may need to deal with consequences into the next generation. Six (6) things you can do for a child living in an addicted home here.


Co-addiction meets codependency

When a person supports, enables, becomes addicted to, and/or loves an addict, they are making a choice on a subconscious level. They are choosing to invest their life and well-being into someone else’s. This is where co-addiction meets codependency. More here.


Holiday tips for people in recovery

Need some help through the holidays? You’re not alone. Here we offer you 7 spiritual tips for staying sane (and sober) through the holidays. For people in recovery…and beyond!

Co-addiction in relationship: Turning fear into self-confidence

How can you get out of a co-addictive relationship? More on how to change your thought processes and change your life here.


“The Holidays” in addiction recovery: Hell for the Holidays?

How can you prepare for the Holidays? Learn how to break into new possiblities and create a new life for yourself with your family. More from author and recovery icon, Dr. Howard Samuels, here.

Addiction and insanity: 5 keys to sanity after drug addiction

Insanity can follow us into addiction recovery. How can you start to reverse thins kind of thinking. Five (5) practical keys to changing your life here.


8 signs you are a co-addict

Are you a co-addict? Read on to learn about enabling and co-addiction here.

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