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internet addiction


The 3 most common Internet addictions to look out for

The 3 most common Internet addictions to look out for include social media addiction, net compulsions, and information overload. What are characteristics of each? We explore here.

Signs of internet addiction in children

A list of traits observed in children addicted to technology here. Signs of internet addiction in children and discussion about kids and technology here.


Relapse prevention strategies

Top 10 relapse prevention strategies. We review the most effective strategies for preventing relapse into drug, alcohol or behavioral addictions. Guest writer Henry Steinberger, Ph.D., the author of the SMART Recovery® Handbook, joins us here.


Why do people use the Internet?

Top 10 reasons why people use the Internet, and how to know when it’s gone too far. Do you know the signs of Internet addiction? More here.


Am I a Facebook addict? 10 signs of Facebook addiction

Are you addicted to Facebook? Check out these signs of addiction to evaluate your Facebook use.


Treatment for video game addiction

People addicted to video games often show little motivation for making behavioral changes. So what are the alternatives for effective video game addiction treatment?


Teen video game addiction signs

What kind of teens are at highest risk of getting addicted to video games? And what are the signs of video game addiction? More on risk factors and teen video game addiction signs here.


Are teens playing too many video games?

The average American youth reports playing 13.2 hours of video games per week. Is this too much? We review the basic facts of teen video game play and pose the question here: “Are teens playing too many video games?”


Video game addiction: Top 10 signs and symptoms of pathological gaming

Pathological use of video games has been reported in 8-14% of people who play video games. But what are the signs, symptoms and characteristics of video game addiction? We review here.


Video game behavioral effects

How can playing video games effect or change behavior? We look at two major behavior modifications video game play can cause: aggression and skills improvement. A brief review of observational learning theory and the two top video game behavioral effects here.

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