Monday October 20th 2014

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Cleansing the body of toxins via heat for alcohol and drug detox

The combined effects of heating the body and eliminating toxins through the skin rejuvenates the body. But what happens exactly during an intense sweat ritual? And should a recovering alcoholic or addict attempt a heat cleanse in early recovery? How can regular doses of heat help addicts in everyday life?


INTERVIEWS with addiction aftercare programs: Beating Addiction

America is a country of over 23.6 million addicts … And is a social network that wants to help. Any addict. Any addiction. Read about the ideas and the beliefs behind this unique community as we talk to founder Alexander Kintis. We explore the WHY? WHAT? and WHO? of Beating Addiction in this interview.


INTERVIEWS with addiction and drug rehab centers: The Way Station

Continuing our new interview series, we talk to Brian Dooley of the Way Station in Orange County, CA a treatment center that uses neurofeedback to treat brain conditions including autism, ADD, ADHD, addiction, anxiety and depression. I was attracted by the treatment center’s pioneering use of biofeedback for addiction treatment, as the modality sits on the fringe of mainstream medical practice. We talk with Brian about their outpatient philosophy and the best practices Way Station uses today.


INTERVIEWS with addiction aftercare programs: STAGES

To inaugurate a new interview series, we talk to Cole Watts of STAGES of Recovery in Lubbock, TX a sober living aftercare program targeting college students. STAGES three core concepts of recovery support, education and career development help guide university students in recovery. Can newly recovered university students really achieve sobriety in a college town? See for yourself.


Are HIV positive addicts and alcoholics treated equally?

In honor of World AIDS Day 2008, we explore the ethical issues surrounding addiction treatment of patients diagnosed with HIV. Are these patients subject to discrimination? How possible is it really to treat ALL addicts equally? We explore if and how clinicians limit contact with HIV+ substance abusers and what we can do about it.


Top 10 steps in drug addiction intervention

Interventions are practices that aim to investigate a potential addiction problem and to motivate an individual to begin to do something about her substance abuse. This list indexes the intervention techniques used to address substance users. Although created for clinicians, these intervention techniques are also helpful for working the 12th Step.


Is exercise the new trend in drug and alcohol treatment ?

Alcohol and addiction treatment may have just gotten more plain and simple. New NIH grant money is being awarded to researchers to identify possible links between fitness and drug prevention and the benefits of exercise in drug rehab centers. Do addicts and the general population really need this PROOF before they’ll work out daily?


Biofeedback as a tool for substance abuse cessation

Electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback has been employed in substance abuse treatment for over three decades. But can this alternative modality of neurofeedback therapy work for addicts and the treatment of addiction?


Can body language communicate addiction?

In my experience, yes. But just how do you know that someone is using and abusing drugs or alcohol? Some tell-tale signs: the eyes have it.

Why the body?

Addiction is a physical disease. We’ll discuss the ways that the body is predisposed to addictive behavior and the ways that we can bodily recover from addiction. Understanding the physiology, anatomy and chemistry behind addiction can help us know what we’re up against. Exploring physical treatments provides us with treatment options. Read on for more.

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