Friday October 31st 2014

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Day-to-day life during inpatient drug rehab

What can you expect during inpatient drug rehab? A daily calendar and answers to your most FAQs about inpatient drug rehab here.

Can you drink alcohol after exercise?

Yes, you can drink alcohol after exercise. Should you? Not really. Learn the facts about how alcohol gets processed in your body and why alcohol goes against exercise goals here.


What are treatments for alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and alcohol addiction?

Treatment for alcoholism includes a medically supervised detox, medications, and psycho-therapeutic interventions. More on treatment for alcohol abuse or addiction to alcohol here.


SPECT for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment

SPECT nuclear imaging tests shows how blood flows to tissues in the brain, and show marked changes after chronic drug use. More on using SPECT for drug and alcohol addiction treatment here.


Insurance for drug rehab & alcoholism treatment

Does insurance cover drug or alcohol rehab? Sometimes, yes. But at $7K a month on top of an annual bill of $15K+ for family health insurance, how can the typical American pay for drug rehab via health insurance? We explore here.

How to abstain from drugs or alcohol

How we think about drugs or alcohol has a major impact on our behaviors. Learn to abstain from drugs or alcohol by changing your thinking process. More here.

What does dual diagnosis mean?

Ever wondered what a dual diagnosis means? Should you consider a dual diagnosis for yourself? We explore here.


Relapse prevention strategies

Top 10 relapse prevention strategies. We review the most effective strategies for preventing relapse into drug, alcohol or behavioral addictions. Guest writer Henry Steinberger, Ph.D., the author of the SMART Recovery® Handbook, joins us here.

SMART Recovery meetings: What to expect

Looking to attend one of your first SMART Recovery® meetings? SMART Recovery Facilitator Patrick Garnett describes what happens during meetings here.


Relapse prevention plan: Should I have one?

Relapse prevention plans. Do they really help? Should former drug addicts and alcoholics take the time to make out a plan to prevent relapse? More here.

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