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Chronic pain management: Eight alternatives to narcotics

There are other ways of treating chronic pain that can be just as effective as narcotics. More on the exact therapies that can work here, with a section at the end for your questions.

Can addiction be good?

An addiction is something that takes over your life. When treated, addiction can be a blessing in disguise…but there are no good addictions. More on understanding the compulsive urges that characterize addiction here


Child of a parent with addiction: How to cope

How can you accept the past as a child of a parent with addiction issues? Weigh in here for ideas on self-healing and share your story at the end.


How does gaming affect the brain?

Gaming can affect the brain in positive and negative ways. For example, gaming may improve visual-spatial capacity, visual acuity, multi-tasking, decision making, and tracking things. But’s all about moderation. More on the brain and gaming here.

Dealing with multiple addictions: Detour BOOK REVIEW

If you need help with multiple addictions, I highly recommend this practical first person account of how one woman has coped with addiction. If you enjoy education through storytelling, this is the book for you! More inside.


Addiction recovery and anxiety: The roots of recovery

How do you process anxiety in addiction recovery? Addiction is a disease of obsession, compulsion and wrong thinking. Once we begin to become aware of how we think, we begin to understand how our thinking impacts every area of our lives. More here on copying with anxiety in recovery.

Addiction recovery and spiritual awakening: The roots of recovery

In order to become strong recovering people, we must first establish a connection with something more powerful than ourselves which cannot be uprooted. More on addiction recovery and spiritual awakening here.

Beyond fear and addiction: 5 ways to deal with fear in recovery

Is fear holding you back in recovery? Here’s how you can get moving in the right direction. Five (5) steps to overcoming your fears here.

Top 5 Al-Anon alternatives

Al-Anon just doesn’t work for everyone who is close to an addict or alcoholic. What are some alternatives? We explore here.


My parent is an alcoholic: What can I do?

What can you do when you have a parent who has a problem with alcohol? We review some practical tips for children of alcoholics here. And invite your comments and feedback at the end.

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