Saturday November 22nd 2014

addiction treatment

Trust and addiction recovery

Becoming vulnerable is an important aspect of addiction treatment. How do you begin to be honest with yourself? Tips here.

What should I bring to rehab?

BRING: Appropriate and comfortable clothes. LEAVE: Jewelry. More tips on how to pack for rehab here.

How can I help someone prevent relapse?

The NUMBER ONE key to preventing relapse is honesty. More on what family members and addicts themselves can do to prevent relapse here.

Starting over after relapse

Starting over after relapse does not need to be full of guilt or shame. Some practical tips of getting started again in recovery…ACT NOW!

Why is outpatient aftercare important after residential rehab?

Outpatient addiction aftercare helps people transition from the safety of residential rehab to real-life situations. More on who can benefit from outpatient addiction aftercare here.

The benefits of Spiritual Psychology: INTERVIEW with The Clearing

What is Spiritual Psychology and how does it fit into an addiction treatment plan? We investigate here.

Brain Restoration Therapy in addiction treatment: INTERVIEW with Dr. Ken Starr

Can administration of NAD, a co-enzyme of Niacin, really help restore balance to your brain after drug dependence? An exclusive interview with Brain Restoration Therapy advocate, Dr. Kenn Starr, here.

Non-traditional treatment for addiction: INTERVIEW with Morningside Recovery

Are you looking for addiction treatment that differs from a more traditional approach? We’ve interviewed Morningside Recovery in Coastal Orange County, CA for a snapshot of what non-traditional treatment can look like.

Women and sobriety: 3 critical steps from addiction to sobriety

From hitting bottom to getting help, we outline the 3 steps for women seeking a sober life. More here.


Depression during addiction recovery: Am I depressed or just down?

When does short term sadness turn into long term depression? We review here and invite your questions about depression during addiction recovery at the end.

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