Monday October 20th 2014

addiction prevention

Warning signs of relapse

Unlike other diseases, relapse doesn’t just happen – it is a process. We reviewing the warning signs of relapse and what you can to do prevent it here.

Relapse prevention triggers: Beyond people, places and things

When it comes to addiction recovery, which associations are triggers for you? A basic worksheet with questions about relapse prevention triggers here.


Early recovery tips: 6 lessons for early recovery

What are some of the fundamental lessons you must learn to ensure you have a strong recovery? Addictions therapist and author Beth Burgess shares here.


After a drug or alcohol slip up

Don’t wallow! Get your life back on track after a slip up. Here, we present a concrete plan of action to catch yourself before you fall too far.


Binge drinking among college students

Binge drinking is associated with a variety of health problems and is related to 1,800 student deaths and about 800K assaults on campuses each year. More stats and strategies for preventing binge drinking among college students here.

BREAK OUT: Prisons and drug offenders (INFOGRAPHIC)

Why are there are so many addicts behind bars? We explore the relationship between substance abuse and imprisonment visually in this exclusive infographic. We also offer alternatives to prison terms for drug use sentences. BREAK OUT of outdated thinking and join us here!


Who’s responsible for prescription drug addiction?

Should doctors who neglect due diligence be held responsible for prescription opioid addiction? We explore here.


Talking to kids about drug addiction

A guide for how to talk with kids (or teenagers) about drug addiction. Your questions or stories are welcomed at the end.

Crack cocaine addiction documentary

Looking for an excellent crack cocaine addiction documentary? Check out Hitting Rock Bottom, a dramatized TV-style film series about addiction. More about documentaries about addiction here.

Drug free contracts for teenagers and kids

Step-by-step instructions for how to draw up a drug free contract for the home for use with teenagers and children.

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