Thursday October 30th 2014

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Women and sobriety: 3 critical steps from addiction to sobriety

From hitting bottom to getting help, we outline the 3 steps for women seeking a sober life. More here.

Child visitation and monitoring services: INTERVIEW with Cherishing My Moments

A Q&A with Ms. Vonda Dennis on best practices in visitation monitoring for people in early recovery. Plus, tips on the benefits of using sober coaches, escorts, and companions.


Does addiction affect women differently than men?

Yes, addiction affects women differently than men. An exploration of the ways that men and women differ in active addiction and recovery here.


Depression during addiction recovery: Am I depressed or just down?

When does short term sadness turn into long term depression? We review here and invite your questions about depression during addiction recovery at the end.

Family member with addiction problems: How to cope

Are you feeling out of control in your life with an addict? Here, we offer practical tips to help pull you out of the franticness of codependency and worry/fear/anxiety.

Hiding an addiction: 3 questions to ask yourself

Are you or a loved one hiding an addiction? How do you know if there’s even a problem with drugs or alcohol? A quick away to assess drug or alcohol problems in your family here.

Families of addicts: Seeing addiction from the other side

Like addicts, families of addicts can face their own set of symptoms due to the cycle of the disease. But there is hope! Learn where to find help for families of addicts here.

Addiction recovery and spiritual awakening: The roots of recovery

In order to become strong recovering people, we must first establish a connection with something more powerful than ourselves which cannot be uprooted. More on addiction recovery and spiritual awakening here.

What is a Change Analysis?

The purpose of a Change Analysis in substance abuse treatment is to try to open up an honest conversation about what is really going in the mind of those we are trying to help. More about what a Change Analysis involves, and major points of discussion here.


Food choices in addiction recovery

The wrong food choices can increase your state of anxiety, stress and inability to sleep and function. In addition to caffeine and sugar, what food should you avoid in addiction recovery? We explore here.

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