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How to treat nicotine addiction

Do you think you have a problem with nicotine? Find out more about nicotine addiction treatment and treatment programs here.

4 Talking to kids about drug addiction

A guide for how to talk with kids (or teenagers) about drug addiction. Your questions or stories are welcomed at the end.

36 What is meth withdrawal?

Meth withdrawal occurs when you experience a crash in dopamine in the brain. What helps meth withdrawal? We review here.

6 Heroin withdrawal side effects

Expected withdrawal side effects from heroin can include diarrhea, cramps, sweating, and restlessness. However, heroin can also provoke serious adverse side effects in those with overall poor health. More heroin withdrawal side effects here.

Signs and symptoms of Valium addiction

Signs of Valium addiction include unsuccessful attempts to lower or stop dosing, in the face of negative life consequences of use. More Valium addiction signs here.

2 Drug contracts for kids and teens

Can we have contracts with our own teens when it comes to drug use? you bet. More on how to create a drug contract here.

Dependence on marijuana

Think you can’t become dependent on marijuana? Think again. Dependence on marijuana results in withdrawal symptoms upon cessation. More on characteristics of marijuana dependence here.

2 Help for Suboxone addiction

Information about Suboxone addiction and resources for getting help. Plus, how to help a friend or family member with Suboxone problems.

Co-addictive relationships: Get angry!

In the cycle of a co-addictive relationship, anger is an appropriate response but it should be directed at the right person. More on co-addiction and relationships here.

5 How to treat crack addiction

Crack addiction can be treated when signs and symptoms are detected and if the person is willing to get help. How you treat crack addiction? We review here.

Tolerance to Spice

Tolerance to Spice manifests as the need to smoke more Spice to get high. What are some other signs of Spice tolerance? We explore here.

Help for crack addiction

Help for crack addiction includes detox and psychological treatments. If you’re addicted to crack, there is help for you. More on where to find it here.

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8What are alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal is characterized by physical and psychological symptoms such as difficulty thinking, depression, mood swings, or (in severe cases) seizures and delerium. Learn more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms here.

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11Valium withdrawal treatment: How to treat Valium withdrawal

You treat Valium withdrawal symptoms by tapering Valium doses and with prescription antidepressants, when necessary? What's the best way to withdraw from Valium? We review here.

How is OxyContin abused?

OxyContin abuse = any time OxyContin is cut, broken, chewed, crushed, or dissolved. More here.

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