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111 How long does Xanax withdrawal last?

Xanax withdrawal can last a few weeks or longer until acute symptoms subside. Get your Xanax withdrawal timeline and more here.

10 Detox from tramadol

Detox from tramadol can be medically managed or supervised by a doctor at home. Which is best for you? Explore more here.

2 How to treat OxyContin addiction

Are you ready to face OxyContin addiction? Treating OxyContin addiction is possible using medications and/or behavioral therapies. We review both here. Plus, a section at the end for your questions about treating OxyContin addiction.

6 Detox from Percocet

During detox from Percocet, clinicians evaluate and stabilize a person dependent on Percocet. But can you detox from Percocet at home? We review here.

8 How to withdraw from Vicodin

The safest way to withdraw from Vicodin is under a doctor's supervision. Taper Vicodin doses, and then eliminate hydrocodone completely. But some people can withdraw from Vicodin at home. Should you? More here on how to withdraw from Vicodin.

4 What are Percocet withdrawal symptoms?

Percocet withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and nausea. Percocet has a high risk of dependency, making Percocet withdrawal possible for even prescribed users. More on what to expect during Percocet withdrawal here.

72 How long does Oxycontin withdrawal last?

OxyContin withdrawal symptoms peak in the first 24-72 hours after you stop taking OxyContin. But some symptoms can persist for weeks or months later. More here on how long to expect OxyContin withdrawal symptoms and what they feel like here.

How to treat heroin addiction

Treating heroin addiction includes detox from physical dependence on heroin as well as addressing the mental compulsion to use. More here on how to treat heroin addiction and where you can go for help.

1 Sobriety and depression

Living for sobriety will change your life. What can you expect in sobriety if clinical depression is present? More here.

2 Help for Ambien addiction

Help for Ambien addiction addresses both the physical AND mental dependence on the drug. More on where to find help for Ambien addiction here.

3 Is crack addictive?

Yes. Crack is addictive. What makes crack addictive? More on the euphoric effect and the chemical dependency that crack cocaine develops in the brain here.

4When does Vicodin kick in?

Vicodin kicks in about 30-60 minutes after oral ingestion. More on when Vicodin starts working and factors that influence Vicodin onset here.

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2Drug rehab in Israel

Looking for a drug rehab in Israeal? Learn about a successful residential drug treatment center in Givat Shemesh that uses equine therapy and true concern to help people recover from addictions. More here.

5Abstinence vs. harm reduction

Is abstinence the only way to recovery from alcohol addiction? What about harm reduction? And is there room for both approaches? We review these two treatments for alcoholism here.

63How long does Ambien withdrawal last?

Ambien withdrawal can last for several weeks after peak symptoms have resolved. Get an Ambien withdrawal timeline here.

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