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4 Dependence on Vicodin

Are you worried about becoming dependent on Vicodin? While your body may develop dependence on hydrocodone in 2-3 weeks, this does not mean that you are addicted to Vicodin. More on the distinction between Vicodin dependence and addiction here.

2 How does alcohol work?

Alcohol absorbs into the bloodstream via the stomach and small intestine. How does alcohol work to affect the nervous system and brain? We review more here.

3 What is OxyContin withdrawal?

OxyContin withdrawal occurs when you body has become physically dependent on OxyContin. What does OxyContin withdrawal feel like? And what helps OxyContin withdrawal? We review here.

11 Tolerance to Adderall

Tolerance to Adderall develops more on a weekly to monthly basis, sometimes taking up to 6 months before a doctor has to alter and change the concentration of the medication. However, amphetamines like Adderall usually take longer to develop a tolerance when used for therapeutic purposes. Adderall abuse speeds up the process. More on tolerance to Adderall here.

How can I drug test without someone knowing?

Surface and visible substance testing can help you drug test someone without their knowing. So can drug screens using hair samples. But testing for drugs without consent is not recommended. More on drug testing without someone knowing here.

108 What are Ambien withdrawal symptoms?

Ambien withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, stomach cramps, vomiting, and severe mood changes. Seizures are also possible as you withdraw from Ambien. More on what to expect during Ambien withdrawal here.

9 Biblical Christian help for drug addiction

Are you ready to get help for drug addiction? Biblical references and ideas for how Christians can relate to the condition of addiction and its solution here.

Is my child or teenager on drugs?

Do you suspect that your child is on drugs? Should you snoop? More here on the most common places teens hide drug stashes and what you can do to sniff them out.

21 Is weed addictive?

YES. Weed is addictive. In fact, becoming addicted to weed is more common than you may thing. We review how you get addicted to weed here.

9 What are Adderall withdrawal symptoms?

Adderall withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, increased heart rate, and paranoia. More here on what to expect when withdrawing from Adderall.

10 How to stop taking Vicodin

When you stop taking Vicodin, follow your doctor's instructions to reduce by 10% daily, 20% every 3-5 days and then 25% every week. Tapering from Vicodin should be completed over a four (4) week period. More here on how to stop taking Vicodin, plus a section at the end for your questions.

How does alcohol make you drunk?

Alcohol gets you drunk by altering the body’s molecules immediately when ingested. More on how alcohol works, intoxication and inebriation here.

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How to treat hydrocodone addiction

If you or a loved one is addicted to hydrocodone, how do you treat hydrocodone addiction? Here, we explore possible treatmentsfor hydrocodone addiction and what to expect from treatment. Your questions about addiction treatment are welcomed at the end.

What is "The Truman Show Delusion" and its treatment?

Are you being watched and recorded? We explore "The Truman Show Delusion" and the effects of reality television on our collective mental health here.

9Dependence on Percocet

Dependence on Percocet can develop within 2-4 weeks of taking Percocet (ocycodone + acetaminophen). More here on how to know if you are physically dependent on Percocet, or not. Plus, a section at the end for your questions about Percocet use.

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