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Recover to Live: BOOK REVIEW

Need a current guide to addictions and their treatment? Recover to Live is the ticket. Why? A brief book review here.

Dependence on Spice

Dependence on Spice is characterised by withdrawal symptoms when you cut back. More physical and psychological symptoms of Spice dependence here.

1 Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction

Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction include increased tolerance and withdrawal when you stop drinking. More on signs and symptoms of alcohol problems here.

2 Help for Ritalin addiction

Find help for Ritalin addiction with your family doctor, licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or treatment center. What can you expect? We review here.

1 My child is using drugs: 8 steps for intervention

Is your child using drugs? Drug users are expert manipulators. To avoid denial or refusal of treatment, plan a intervention with family members to address your child's drug use. 8 tips for planning a drug or alcohol intervention here.

20 How to withdraw from meth

You should withdraw from meth under medical supervision. Antidepressants, supportive care, and psychological treatment can all help. More on how to withdraw from meth here.

7 Mixing ecstasy with alcohol

What are the effects of mixing ecstasy and alcohol? Can you overdose? Possibly die? Harms and warnings of mixing ecstasy with alcohol here.

11 Cold turkey heroin

Should you stop taking heroin cold turkey? No... but why? Heroin can cause severe side effects if abruptly stopped, especially for long term addicts. Explore ways to safely quit heroin here.

6 Adderall withdrawal side effects

Thinking of withdrawing from Adderall and want to know the side effects? Read here to understand what can happen when you stop taking Adderall.

Signs and symptoms of opiate addiction

One important sign of opiate addiction is unsuccessful attempts to quit. The prescence of paraphanalia, or physical signs - such as needle marks - is also common. More criteria and symptoms of opiate addiction here.

10 When does hydrocodone kick in?

Hydrocodone takes about 30 minutes after oral ingestion to kick in. More on how modes of administration affect hydrocodone onset here.

3How to treat methadone addiction

You can treat methadone addiction with a combination pharmaceutical and behavioral therapy approaches. But who to ask for help? More on how to treat methadone addiction here.

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How is Valium abused?

Valium is abused anytime you take Ambien other than prescribed. Also, Valium abuse occurs when people chew, crush, or snort Valium. More on Valium abuse and its treatment gere.

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4What is buprenorphine withdrawal?

Buprenorphine withdrawal feels like severe flu symptoms, combined with mood disorder(s). Find out more about buprenorphine withdrawal here.

3What are OxyContin withdrawal symptoms?

Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms include joint/muscle aches, nausea, accelerated breathing, and sweating. More on why OxyContin symptoms occur and how you can treat them here.

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