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1 Mixing buprenorphine with alcohol

What are the effects of mixing buprenorphine and alcohol? Can you overdose or die? Mixing buprenorphine with alcohol and its possible harms here.

1 Can addiction be overcome?

Yes, addiction can be overcome. But you must abstain from your drug of choice. Does this sound impossible? Weigh in here.

15 What are meth withdrawal symptoms?

Meth withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, fatigue and increase in appetite. More on withdrawal symptoms of meth here.

How to treat ecstasy addiction

Do you think you have a problem with ecstasy? More on ecstasy addiction treatment (which includes detox) here.

23 Detox from Adderall

Should you detox from Adderall at home? What can you expect in terms of symptoms and time? We review detox from Adderall protocol here.

5 Help for methadone addiction

Methadone addiction is real. Help for methadone addiction includes detox, physical stabilization, and psychological treatment. Find more sources and learn about the course of treatment for methadone addiction here.

2 Christian women: Addiction advice

Advice for Christian women caught in addiction...from a woman and mother who's been there. More on how Christian women and live free from addiction here.

5 Is relapse a part of recovery?

You don't need to view a relapse as a failure. Instead, it can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself. 5 tips on how to improve the odds of sustained recovery here.

2 Percocet withdrawal side effects

Expected Percocet withdrawal side effects include a group of symptoms that is close to the flu. However, Percocet with can also cause health complications, especially if your general health is shaky. More on which side effects to expect during Percocet withdrawal here.

Clinical assessment of drug abuse

NIDA has developed a portfolio of free resources for nurses, MDs, and clinicians to help identify drug use and abuse early…and to address it BEFORE abuse leads to addiction. More on the new initiative NIDAMED here.

3 Christian addiction recovery stories

Looking for hope in a Christian addiction recovery story? Check out Sober Mercies, a book written by a Christian who has experienced addiction, quit, and emerged without losing God in the process. More here.

1Documentary about crack addiction

If you're looking for a documentary on crack cocaine, check out Hitting Rock Bottom. This TV-style online documentary is an EXCELLENT teaching resource for prevention or addiction treatment. Why? We review here.

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81Should I leave my addict or alcoholic partner?

You should leave an addict or alcoholic partner any time abuse occurs, they get high in front of your or your children, or they don't come home. But it's easier said than done. More on leaving an addictive relationship here.

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Signs and symptoms of tramadol addiction

Tramadol addiction signs include physical and behavioral changes like poor hygiene, changes in sleeping patterns, or mood swings. More signs and symptoms of tramadol addiction here.

126How to withdraw from Spice

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that produces symptoms that are similar to cannabis, but can cause dependence and withdrawal. Learn more about withdrawing from Spice here.

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