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Is alcoholism a symptom of mental illness, depression or underlying imbalances in the brain? Yes, possibly. We explore here.


Adderall can make you feel more alert when you are drinking. But the effects of mixing Adderall and alcohol can include masking alcohol intoxication, which can lead to alcohol poisoning and alcohol related accidents. More here mixing Adderall with alcohol.

The Buddhist approach to addiction is about mindfulness. Learn what mindfulness is and how you can increase mindful moments in addiction recovery here.


Too much Ambien can cause overdose, but it's relatively difficult to reach fatal levels of Ambien in the system. More on Ambien overdose and safe dosing here.


YES. Tramadol is addictive, even when Tramadol is prescribed by a doctor. We review what Tramadol is made of, and how you get addicted to Tramadol here.


Hydrocodone overdose amount can occur in doses 90 mg or larger. More on how much amount of hydrocodone is safe for you and hydrocodone overdose here.


In A.A., they say to wait at least a year before entering into a relationship. But can A.A. relationships help your recovery, too?


Is snorting OxyContin safe? Can you snort OxyContin effectively or should you take OxyContin orally? More on risks and dangers of snorting OxyContin here.


The effects of mixing Xanax and alcohol can enhance relaxation and euphoria. But you can also die from Xanax overdose if you mix alcohol with Xanax. More here on harms and warnings for mixing Xanax with alcohol.


YES. Percocet is highly addictive, even when Percocet is prescribed by a doctor. We review what Percocet is made of and how you can get addicted to Percocet here.


Lortab doesn’t stay in your system long. In fact, blood and urine screens for Lortab probably won’t detect Lortab if it’s been several days since last use. More on Lortab detection windows here.


Wellbutrin has a very long half-life and can stay in your system for days or even weeks. More on Wellbutrin metabolism and detection windows here,

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Signs of enabling behaviors include lost sleep, financial problems and fantasizing. More on how enabling behaviors and addiction are related here (plus, how you can stop enabling!).


Addiction recovery can be supplemented by the practice of yoga. Learn how to get started here, and how a mindful approach to yoga can help your own addiction recovery.


Online gambling affects your credit rating if you use multiple credit cards or money that you don't have to gamble. But who is most at risk of financial problems while gambling online? We explore here and invite your questions about credit scores and online gambling here.

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