Friday November 21st 2014



The power of prayer in addiction recovery

A guide to why and how to pray in addiction recovery for people who identify as Christians.


Having faith in recovery

When life begins to unravel, how do you get re-centered? Suggestions for Christians about finding and having faith in recovery here.

A God-shaped hole: How to cope with your desires

What can you do when you feel an inner void that no amount of money, prestige, success, or alcohol and drugs can fill? How to live a more useful, meaningful life here.


How do drugs and alcohol affect you spiritually?

Why is a spiritual connection so important to addiction recovery? 5 reasons to work on your spiritual nature here.

Addiction recovery and romantic relationships

How can you choose a mate from a place of sanity in addiction recovery? We explore here.


How poetry can help your addiction recovery

Like other forms of art, poetry is therapeutic. Ideas on the benefits of finding your voice in addiction recovery here.

Reiki for addiction

What is Reiki and can it help your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction? We review here and invite your questions at the end.

Finding strength in surrender

Who can we call on when all else fails? We explore here.

How to stop blaming others and get rid of resentments

How do you know when you still resent others? When a person or situation is not allowed safe passage through your consciousness. More on why it’s so hard to stop blaming…and how to resolve the cause of resentment here.

Forgiveness in addiction recovery

Here, we review the spiritual importance of forgiveness in recovery and allowing yourself be loved by God. More on forgiveness in recovery from a Christian-point-of-view here.

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