Friday November 21st 2014



Depression during addiction recovery: Am I depressed or just down?

When does short term sadness turn into long term depression? We review here and invite your questions about depression during addiction recovery at the end.

Holistic addiction treatment: Into Action Treatment INTERVIEW

What kinds of methods are used in holistic addiction treatment? We speak with a treatment center in Boynton Beach, FL that has been practicing holistic treatment to great success. More here.

Wenn liebe in co-abhängigkeit ersäuft: BOOK REVIEW on codependency

Facing inner demons What if the man you love is a drinker? Should you stay? Or is it better to leave? And what if you do? Will he fall completely? But is there any way to save him, your life, yourself if you stay? Eli has to face those questions – along with her fear […]


How poetry can help your addiction recovery

Like other forms of art, poetry is therapeutic. Ideas on the benefits of finding your voice in addiction recovery here.


Increasing your self-esteem in addiction recovery

Addicts are prone to low self-esteem, especially in early recovery. So how can you increase your self-esteem? 4 practical tips and suggestions here.

Addiction recovery affirmations

A review of why affirmations are important in recovery. Plus, a list of affirmations you can start using today! More from Urban FLRT, the new kids on the block looking to boost your morale in recovery and beyond!


How to treat compulsive thinking

Compulsive thinking creates thought patterns that are life draining. Learn a few simple steps to change compulsive thinking here. And ask your questions about how to change thought patterns at the end.

Addiction recovery meditation 101: The walking meditation

Did you know that you can meditate while walking? Learn a simple five minute addiction recovery meditation here.


Coping with anxiety: Self-help or get help?

Is self-help for anxiety possible? Yes. Learn to know the difference between normal anxiety and problem anxiety. More on when to seek treatment for anxiety here.


Why do people shoplift? Top 10 reasons

Impulse control, drug and alcohol use, stress, and financial problems can all cause people to shoplift. A review of the compulsive nature of shoplifting and why people shoplift here.

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