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Why do people cut themselves?

People cut themselves to help cope with problems or to deal with emotions. We review the psychology behind self-injury and how to get help here.

How can you tell if someone has been using caffeine?

Worried about a friend, family or co-worker’s caffeine use? How can you tell if someone has been using caffeine? Top signs of using caffeine here.


Is drug addiction only a physical disease?

Is drug addiction simply a matter of chemical dependence? Rabbi Shais Taub helps us take a closer look at the biological model of drug addiction and understand why chemical dependency alone does not qualify as the way to define drug addiction.


Video game addiction: the basics

We review the symptoms, intervention and treatments possible for video game addicts, or parents of children and teens who suspect gaming addiction in their kids.


Do sex addicts hate women?

Sex addicts can be men or women and can identity as being gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender. But do heterosexual men who are sex addicts have particular attitudes towards women? We explore here.


Swinger lifestyle info: STD facts and safety

A new study shows that older swingers are more likely to have STDs than prostitutes. Safe swinging requires safe sex. Click here to learn more about safe sex practices for swingers and some new facts on STD transmission.


Male masturbation addiction – How much is too much?

Masturbation is a healthy part of human sexual expression. But how much is too much? We explore male masturbation here and provide you with some questions to ask yourself so that you can assess possible masturbation addiction. Self-tests and more here.


Twelve steps for sex addicts – Are we protecting sex offenders?

One founding principle of twelve steps groups is anonymity. But what do groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) or Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA) do when a member self-reports about sexual assault? Or what should members do? More here.


Sex addicts anonymous twelve step program – What is abstinence?

Sex is a natural part of human life. But do sex addicts need to abstain totally from sex in order to recover from sexual addiction? We review what twelve step groups believe in terms of abstinence for sex addiction here.


How is sexual addiction related to sex offenders?

Sex offenders can also be sex addicts. But not ALL sex offenders are sex addicts, and vice versa. The difference between a non-addicted sex offender and a sex addict who is also a sex offender is in the intent. We examine that distinction here.

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