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Dependence on hydrocodone

Hydrocodone dependence can develop as quickly as three (3) weeks after regular dosing begins. More here about dependence on hydrocodone and how it differs from addiction. Plus, a section for your questions about hydrocodone dependence at the end.


Are opiates addictive?

Yes, opiates are addictive. More here from a pharmacist who’s been there. Facts and experience on how opiate painkiller prescriptions can suck you in.


Symptoms of prescription pain killer abuse and addiction (Top 10)

Taking more pain killers than prescribed, doctor shopping and social withdrawal are all symptoms of prescription pain killer abuse and possible addiction. A list of Top 10 symptoms here.


How long does tramadol withdrawal last?

Tramadol withdrawal can take up to several days before acute withdrawal symptoms dissipate.
But symptoms of tramadol withdrawal can last up to several months after you last take tramadol. More on how long tramadol withdrawal lasts and what you can expect here.


Psychological principles of addiction and its treatment

Addiction is a complex and often misunderstood condition. Here, Dr. David H. Jacobs delves into the psycholgical reasons for addiction and principles that addiction professionals need to consider during its treatment.

What is heroin withdrawal?

Going through heroin withdrawal will you make you feel agitated and anxious. Why does withdrawal from heroin occur. And when kicking a heroin habit, how do you get past the harder impulses to use when you are trying to detox? More here.


Smoking tramadol

What does smoking tramadol do to you? First, it doesn’t really get you high. And the binders and fillers can be dangerous. In this article, we’ll explore how it affects your body and just how safe smoking tramadol really is.


What is recovery from drug and alcohol addiction?

Recovery can mean lots of things to lots of people. Read here about a new study that wants YOUR FEEDBACK about recovery. The survey takes between 12-20 minutes to complete, and is anonymous.


Tolerance to Vicodin

You can develop tolerance to Vicodin (hydrocodone) within in a month of taking it. Tolerance to Vicodin does not necessarily mean you are addicted to Vicodin. More on the distinction between physical dependence, tolerance and Vicodin addiction here.


Is morphine addictive?

YES. Morphine is highly addictive. This is even the case when morphine is prescribed by a doctor. We review what morphine is made of and how you get addicted to morphine here.

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