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How much Percocet is too much?

How much Percocet is too much usually limited by how much acetaminophen you can take daily. In general, Percocet is easy to overdose on, and needs to be taken only as directed by a doctor. More on Percocet overdose, acetaminophen poisoning, and safe dosing here.


Harm reduction in opiate and opioid users

Top 10 popular approaches in harm reduction for opiates. Also, a description of the harms of opiate and opioid use taken from the book, “Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing High Risk Behaviors”. Your opiate harm reduction questions are welcomed at the end.


Is oxycodone addictive?

YES. Oxycodone is addictive. In fact, oxycodone addiction potential is high, even for people who start taking oxycodone as prescribed. We review what oxycodone is made of and how you get addicted to oxycodone here.


Mixing Wellbutrin with alcohol

Mixing Wellbutrin and alcohol can lower alcohol tolerance but it can also impair motor control, jugement and thinking. More here on mixing Wellbutrin and alcohol effects.


How much tramadol is too much?

It depends – while it’s difficult to overdose on tramadol, too much tramadol can cause serious health problems at relatively low doses. More information on the tramadol prescription strengths, maximum daily dosage, and fatal dose amounts here.


Snorting Xanax

Is snorting Xanax effective? Any differences between snorting vs taking Xanax orally? And can snorting Xanax get you high? More on snorting Xanax effects here.


Oxycodone overdose: How much amount of oxycodone to OD?

Controlled release oxycodone can cause overdose in single doses > 40 mg or total daily doses > 80 mg in opioid naive people. More on how much oxycodone is safe for you and oxycodone overdose here.


Enabling behavior examples: Top 10

Enabling behaviors make it easier for addicts to continue to be addicted. Learn the Top 10 enabling behavior examples to prevent or stop enabling from happening.


How long does Ritalin stay in your system?

How long Ritalin stays in your system depends on what formula of Ritalin you’re taking. Learn more about drug detection for Ritalin in blood, urine, and hair here.


How much hydrocodone is too much?

How much hydrocodone is too much for your body depends on your personal opioid tolerance and what other medications you are taking. While it takes a significant amount of hydrocodone to overdose, hydrocodone is usually combined with other, more dangerous medications. More on hydrocodone overdose, acetaminophen poisoning, and safe doses here.

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