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11 Does Spice contain THC?

Does Spice contain THC?

No. Spice does not contain THC. Spice contains synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetics are structurally different than THC although they trigger similar reactions in the body. More on what’s in Spice here.

6 Is Spice legal?

Is Spice legal?

Some Spice ingredients are legal in the U.S. Others are illegal. More on the legal status of Spice here.

161 How long does K2 stay in your system?

How long does K2 stay in your system?

Experts don’t know how long the synthetic cannabinoids in K2 stay in your system. But some can be detected within 72 hours of use. More on the metabolism of K2 ingredients here.

2 Motivation to stop drinking

Motivation to stop drinking

Looking for motivation to stop drinking? Here are four (4) practical tools for getting and staying motivated in alcohol recovery. Get and stay sober for good! More here.

2 When does Ambien peak?

When does Ambien peak?

Ambien peaks about 1.5 – 2 hours after oral administration. But peak times are increased when you take Ambien CR with food. More on the pharmacokinetics of Ambien, plus its addiction potential here.

3 5 alternatives to AA 12 step meetings

5 alternatives to AA 12 step meetings

ISO alcoholism support group options? We introduce five (5) reputable alternatives to 12 step meetings here. As always, we invite comments and feedback about alcoholism treatment alternatives at the end.

1 Jewish spirituality for non-Jews and Jews in recovery

Jewish spirituality for non-Jews and Jews in recovery

In recovery from addiction, we can redefine spirituality and its role in our lives. Not suprisingly, Jewish spirituality can apply to non-Jews and Jews alike. Here, we review a book by Dr. Leonard Felder that introduces Jews and non-Jews to deeper spiritual practices.

38 Motivation to stop smoking weed

Motivation to stop smoking weed

Need more motivation to stop smoking weed? Here are four (4) practical exercises to get and stay motivated when quitting weed. Your questions about motivation in addiction recovery are welcomed.

When does Percocet start to work?

When does Percocet start to work?

Percocet kicks in 0-15 minutes after oral administration. But does this make Percocet more addictive than other pain medications? Yes. More on this short-acting, rapid onset pain killer and its addiction liability here.

7 Motivation to stop smoking

Motivation to stop smoking

What’s your motivation to stop smoking? If it’s not coming from inside, we offer four (4) ideas for getting and keeping motivation to stop smoking. More here on how to stop smoking for good.

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