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How to stop drinking alcohol

Many people want to be sober and stop drinking alcohol. But do you have what it takes to really stop?


The twelve steps of AA interpreted

The Big Book tells us HOW to work the 12 steps to achieve sobriety, but not WHY. Here, Rabbi Shais Taub gives us his opinion on the twelve steps of AA, interpreted to help us understand WHY twelve step programs work (if you work them).

Top 10 gambling facts

Gambling has become a high profile and socially acceptable activity that cuts across all age, economic, cultural and educational groups. But what is the real story behind the economic benefits and social costs of gambling? Learn the facts about gambling in our Top 10 list of gambling facts on Addiction Blog.


Can hydrocodone cause hair loss?

If you use pain killers like Vicodin (hydrocodone), you want to know more about side effects. Get a qualified answer about hydrocodone and hair loss here.


Addictive Personality – Do I have one

Are some people more likely to become addicts than others? Can you predict addiction based on personality traits? More on the addictive personality here.

Working the 12 steps of AA – A lifelong effort or not?

Are addicts and alcoholics ever cured of addiction? And is working the 12 steps of AA something you have to do for the rest of your life? More from Rabbi Taub on why working a 12 step program is important to recovery here.

3 healthy coping mechanisms instead of drinking and drugs

Unresolved pain, anger or fear can trigger drug addiction or alcoholism. But there are options other than drugs or alcohol to cope with life’s disappointments. Top 3 healthy coping mechanisms – learn from one woman’s experience here.

How does prayer work?

Prayer works when you are more interested in Who you’re talking to than what He’s going to do for you. More on how prayer works from Rabbi Shais Taub here.


Top 10 national drug or alcohol use hotlines

For people in need of urgent help with drug or alcohol problems, we offer the top 10 telephone hotlines.


Overcome addiction – 3 things you MUST have

What 3 things to you need to have to overcome any addiction? Willingness. Honesty. Courage. Get prepared here.

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