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Coping with changes in relationships during early addiction recovery

Wonder how relationships will be if you give up the bottle or the drugs? Coping with changes in relationships is essential to healthy recovery from addiction. Learn how one man got through it, and how you can, too.


Multiple personality disorder, addicts and addiction

How often are drug addicts and alcoholics dually diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder?


Help with drug addictions for nurses, doctors and medical professionals

Drug addiction is an equal opportunity disease and affects all types of medical professionals. Written by a medical professional in recovery, these 5 tips for doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other professionals can offer you help with drug addictions here.


Emotional pain and emotional healing in addiction recovery

Pain is something that we all must deal with sooner or later. It is the great leveler in life. We may come from different backgrounds and various parts of the world, but are find a common group in relating to each other through our experience with pain.

Vicodin addiction effects

You can take Vicodin recreationally or to get high…but what happens after one year of use? Learn to identify the effects of Vicodin addiction and get advice from an MD on how to stop using Vicodin like an addict here.


Video game addiction: Top 10 signs and symptoms of pathological gaming

Pathological use of video games has been reported in 8-14% of people who play video games. But what are the signs, symptoms and characteristics of video game addiction? We review here.


Video game behavioral effects

How can playing video games effect or change behavior? We look at two major behavior modifications video game play can cause: aggression and skills improvement. A brief review of observational learning theory and the two top video game behavioral effects here.


Vicodin 500 mg: Can you get physically dependent or addicted?

Can you become physically dependent on Vicodin if you are taking Vicodin 500 mg as prescribed? Dr. Burson answers here.


Are video games harmful?

Yes, and no. In fact, video games have effects on multiple dimensions – the same video game can have both good and bad effects at the same time. Learn more about how researchers measure the effects of video games and when and why video games cause harm here.


Effects of video games on children

The effects of video games on children can be positive and negative. In fact, medical and social sciences research indicates that both harmful and beneficial effects of even violent video games exist. We review the most commonly agreed upon effects of video games on children so that you can form your own opinion about video games and their role in your child’s life.

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