Monday November 24th 2014


The victim mentality in addiction treatment

Getting out of the victim mentality is an important part of recovery from past trauma. But how can you learn to accept the past and move forward in life without using drugs or alcohol if you are the victim of trauma? More on victim mentality in addiction treatment here.


Can women become gambling addicts?

Yes, women can become gambling addicts. But men and women are different. They gamble differently and recover differently. Learn how here.


Top 10 effective ways to reduce teenage drug and alcohol abuse

The most effective way to reduce teenage drug and alcohol abuse is to promote a child’s mental health. Designed for parents, this quick guide identifies effective ways to reduce teenage drug and alcohol abuse with a summary of recommendations from government experts.

Financial freedom tips for the alcoholic or addict in recovery

Does money cause you worry, anxiety and fear? Learn how to have financial freedom in recovery by making financial amends. More on financial freedom for the addict here.


Why do drug addicts seek snake bites to get high?

A case study published in March 2011 of two addicts in India has uncovered a new way that addicts can get high: snakebites. But why do people subject themselves to a potentially deadly amount of venom? And what type of person would resort to this extreme? More on snake bites and addiction here.


Top 10 signs of slot machine addiction

Slot machine addiction has been described as the crack cocaine of gambling. Learn to identify the Top 10 signs of slot machine addiction here, and learn how the gaming industry has set up slot machines to keep you playing. That…and more on signs of slot machine addiction here.


AA alternatives to 12 steps

Not everyone is interested in the spiritual dimension of the 12 steps and AA. Get answers from a psychotherapist about AA alternatives that have empirical support and are known to work for drug addiction and alcohol treatment here.


How medical professionals should treat drug addicts and alcoholics

Addiction is not a crime. On the contrary, drug and alcohol addiction are treatable illnesses. Here we present guidelines for how medical staff can work with and treat addicts. A must read for all medical professionals treating addicts.


Opiate substitution medications: 3 reasons governments should legalize them

Governments that ban opiate substitution therapies often do not understand their uses and applications. Here we present three (3) reasons for the legalization of opiate substitution medications such as methadone and buprenorphine.


Admitting drinking to an AA sponsor

Fear, anger, and shame are all a part of the cycle of addiction. But you are not alone. Should you admit a drinking episode to a sponsor? What can you expect? More on admitting drinking to an AA sponsor here.

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