Thursday November 20th 2014


Is alcoholism the mother of all addictions?

Here we offer a brief history of post modern American addictions, starting with alcoholic drinking. What’s your opinion on the historical root of our modern social health problem. Is alcoholism the mother of all addictions?


The history of OxyContin reformulation

Dr. Jana Burson reviews the market surrounding OxyContin, including manufacturer Purdue Pharma’s false marketing scandal, and the eventual new formula that makes the drug harder to snort or inject. But does the new OxyContin formula / OxyContin reformulation successfully deter addicts? Yes. More here on OxyContin reformulation.


Why do people gamble?

People gamble to have fun. But problem gamblers gamble to escape reality. Learn what happens in the cycle of gambling and why people gamble for all the wrong reasons.


What is co-dependent?

We have heard that addiction is a “family disease”. But what is a codependent? And what does it mean to be co-dependent? We present introductory ideas of what is means to be addicted to an addict here, and why it is important to seek recovery for co-dependency.

How to show respect for self in addiction recovery

Everyone wants good self-respect. But how can addicts get their respect back after years of drinking or using drugs? Life Coach Keith Bray teaches us the 8 simple steps to achieving healthy respect of self here.


The negative impact of social networking sites

Internet addiction informs and permeates the digital fine art of Willie Schaefer. View his artwork based on social network addiction and read more about how social networking sites can negatively impact your life here.


The ethics of drug testing medical professionals

Some medical fields require random drug testing, while others only test if they suspect a problem. However, drug tests should be used to recognize a drug or alcohol problem among healthcare workers. Then, medical institutions should help professionals get the help they need. More on ethics of drug tests in the medical field here.


My child is an addict, what should I do?

Now that you know that your child is an addict, what do you do? Basic 1-2-3 guide for getting help for a child addict and what you should do here.


OxyCotton/OxyCotin/OxyContin: Does time release inhibit abuse?

Oxycotton is a common misspelling of the brand name drug “OxyContin.” Do addicts abuse Oxy’s? And how can this opioid drug be less attractive for misuse? More on time release and addictive qualities of OxyContin from Dr. Burson here.


Gamblers Anonymous (GA) sponsors and sponsorship

Learn how one woman started early recovery from gambling addiction and what her sponsor taught her. Lean how to take a risk, talk about yourself, and find a sponsor in Gamblers Anonymous here.

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