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Problems in late stage alcoholism treatment: Part 1

Guest writer, Clark Jones, asks questions here about late stage alcoholism treatment. Taken from his own anecdotal experience in late stage treatment for alcoholism in the state of Wyoming, he questions treatment practices outcomes for both private and public treatment centers. Read more about the special considerations for late stage alcoholism here.


Parent of drug addict help: Top 10 truths to help parents

My son’s addiction started in high school, with what at the time I considered to be “normal” experimentation with alcohol and marijuana. I never expected then that his alcohol and drug use would escalate into full blown addiction and that it would progress over the years all the way to intravenous drug use, near death, and a prison conviction. I have learned so much along this journey of my son’s addiction and recovery. From that I have compiled a list of truths to share with others who may find themselves seeking answers and help.


Addiction and art

This book claims to be created for scientists in order to put a “human face” on addiction. It works. Learn why you should buy “Addiction and Art”…and how it is more than just a coffee table book.


What does a heroin addict look like?

What does a heroin addict look like? Get the grim truth from a former heroin addict himself as Richie describes his former heroin addiction. Taken from his book “What’s Left of Us”, learn what a heroin addict looks like… a real look at the streets.

Jewish beliefs about God: recovery from addiction for Jews

A few passages from the new book “God of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction”…and thoughts about how to apply Jewish beliefs about God to addiction and alcohol recovery. Rabbi Taub clarifies Jewish beliefs about God here.


New drug addiction treatment ideas: iPhone apps

New drug addiction treatment tools are being developed at a quick pace. But can technology help addicts stay clean? We review a new drug addiction treatment idea here…using your iPhone to help your recovery.


Expressions of gratitude for addicts in recovery

How do you generate and express gratitude? A quick HOW TO guide on developing and accessing expressions of gratitude. Please add to these expressions of gratitude by letting us know what you do to cultivate and express your attitude of gratitude.

Principles of drug addiction treatment

Today’s drug addiction treatment can be summarized in two main principles: stabilization and education. We talk to Dr. David Sack, a psychiatrist and the CEO of Promises Treatment in Malibu, CA who offers us a look at the role of addiction treatment centers and the two main principles of drug addiction treatment.


Drug and alcohol treatment aftercare: What is standard?

Any good drug or alcohol treatment center offers extensive aftercare and follow up. But what kind of drug and alcohol treatment aftercare is standard? And what new ideas might treatment centers start to use? We talk about novel approaches to drug treatment aftercare and ask you if you think drug rehabs are measuring up.


Methadone side effects

Methadone treatment for opiate addiction can be effective. But some doctors can be critical of the practice, usually an opinion based in ignorance of methadone and how it works. Dr. Jana Burson reviews the full spectrum of methadone side effects here, clearly outlining methadone side effects on the body so that you can be better informed.

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