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Top 10 positive effects of video games on children

Do parents have reason to worry about video games and gaming children? We list the ten most common (although surprising) positive effects of games recently investigated by researchers from 2005-present.


Top 10 negative effects of video games on children

Excessive television viewing and computer game playing have been associated with many symptoms in recent years. We examine the most common negative outcomes of video games that have been studied. Read on to learn the possible negative effects video games can have on children.


What are the social consequences of video game addiction?

Video games are gaining wild popularity in our culture. But does playing video games negatively effect the time adolescents should be spending in more developmentally appropriate activities like sports and hanging out with friends? We take a look at the social consequences of gaming and discuss whether or not gaming can be social stimulating, or not.


Signs of internet addiction disorder

How do you know know if you or a loved one is an internet addict? Probably NOT by physical signs typical of other chemical addictions. We’ll outline some of the common signs and symptoms of internet addiction in this short review of IAD, or internet addiction disorder.


Top 10 hangover cures and tips for hangovers

What happens in the body when you drink too much alcohol? 75% of the population can tell you. Learn about the physiology of over-consumption…and check out a short list of possible aids for hangovers. This is a special post for St. Trifon, the saint of grapes where I live. Everyone gets drunk today.


Top 10 clincial trials for gambling addictions

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services keeps a running database of clinical trials. So we’ve isolated the most current clinical trials currently recruiting to treat gambling addiction. If you’re ready to be a guinea pig, check out the site for more great information on new therapies for addiction treatment.


What can you do if an online gambling site is a fraud?

In this quick snippet, we review four simple steps that you can take to report online gambling hoaxes. Keep in mind that online gambling is still illegal in all 50 states and that the regulatory environment for internet gambling sites is like the Wild, Wild West. It’s best to avoid games of chance.


WOW addiction – will gaming addiction surpass other technology addictions in 2009?

Parents, partners and people around the world are increasingly concerned about the numbers of young men (and women) subscribing to WOW, or World of Warcraft. What good can come of this fantasy-role play made virtual? And just how many people are addicted to WOW?


INTERVIEW with internet addiction expert

We talk with Dr. Kimberly Young of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery about the state of internet addictions. She helps us define internet addiction and identify problem behaviors. Dr. Young also outlines treatment and recovery options. Learn more about the fastest growing trends in online addiction here.


Is internet addiction for real?

A new form of dependency is characterizing our modern times – internet addiction. In fact, clinicians became aware of internet addiction as early as 1996. But do you know just what “Internet addiction” encompasses? And how pervasive is internet addiction disorder (IAD)? Learn more now.

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