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Top 10 addiction questions to ask yourself – addiction evaluation

Of the basic principles of recovery (honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness), you must begin with honesty in order to stop the cycle of addiction. These ten questions can help you start getting honest … with yourself. Print out these questions and set them aside for a time when you’re ready to evaluate any addiction.


Emotional addiction – the toll of worrying and anxiety

Our emotions are part of the subtle fabric that makes us human. Emotions are often the reaction to events, but they also trigger new events. So what role does worry play in the consciousness? Is there a place for worry in our modern lives? And if we’re ready to change, how can we alter the behavior pattern that reinforces worry?


Cleansing the body of toxins via heat for alcohol and drug detox

The combined effects of heating the body and eliminating toxins through the skin rejuvenates the body. But what happens exactly during an intense sweat ritual? And should a recovering alcoholic or addict attempt a heat cleanse in early recovery? How can regular doses of heat help addicts in everyday life?


INTERVIEW about addiction coaching : Life Recovery Coach Keith Bray

Life coaching aims to help you both determine and achieve your personal goals. But how can a coach help you in your process of addiction recovery? Learn about the personal and professional values of Keith Bray, a Certified Life and Addictions Coach and how coaching might help you recover from addiction.


How to identify prescription drug addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs is not new. But these days, given the range of mental health and emotional or behavioral diagnoses doled out to anyone and everyone, we are becoming a pill-happy culture. Abuse of doctor authorized medications is on the rise. What are the signs that a loved one is using scripts to cope with life? And how can you know the difference between proper and misuse of prescription drugs?


Can red reishi mushrooms give energy to resolve caffeine addiction?

Fed up with my caffeine addiction, I started taking red reishi mushroom capsules throughout the month of December in order to help me during withdrawal. What happened next surprised even me.


Self – hypnosis script for addictions, addiction cessation and addicts

Ever wanted to try self-hypnosis for a current addiction? Check out this easy-to-use script with instructions for making your own audio file. Flexible enough to add or change the suggestion that you’d like to plant in your psyche. But classic enough to do the trick. Record your own voice to hypnotize yourself and enhance your intentions again and again.


Hypnosis for addiction recovery treatment – how to do it?

Combinations of counselling, support groups, medications and alternative therapies can all contribute to a successful addiction cessation program. There’s no cheaper way to experience hypnosis than to try it at home! Self-hypnosis is very easy to learn and can be done in the privacy of your own home. You can make your own tapes to listen to or simply practice for 30 minutes once or twice a day. Take the mystery out of hypnosis and learn one method of mastering your mind.


Top 10 official addictions to illicit drugs in America

Every year SAMHSA , the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, reports on the official trends in addiction, tallying up the numbers of addicts and their addictions. Most reports are published a couple of years later…so we look at figures from 2006. What do you think? Do the official numbers match the America that you experience? Are the Top 10 addictions close to reality or way off base? And guess who’s NUMBER 1…


Hypnosis for addiction recovery treatment – does it work?

There is a general agreement that certain effects of hypnosis exist. But there are differences of opinion within the research and clinical communities about whether or not hypnosis is as effective as other addiction treatment therapies – addiction treatments that have already been studied and proven effective. Can hypnotism be explained as a placebo effect or does evidence suggest that more research is required?

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