Wednesday November 26th 2014



Caffeine addiction: CONFESSIONS from a coffee addict

Perhaps you’ve been able to shake the warm, steaming demon of coffee addiction. If so …how did you do it? And what do you recommend for others who want to kick the daily habit?


Cigarettes, smoking and smokeless tobacco : business is booming!

In the midst of a global economic recession, big tobacco is doing just fine. Although smokers are cutting back on quantity, they are NOT quitting. And that’s just what Big Tobacco hopes for. Is anyone else noticing the ugly cycle of smoking addiction?


Is the closing of British pubs such a bad thing?

Higher taxes, a national smoking ban and a consumer credit crunch may bring about the demise of the British public house as a social institution. But are less pubs such a bad thing for a nation of chronic alcoholics and systemic alcoholism?


Switching off cravings – topiramate used to manage addiction

Neurology researchers are looking into how to switch off the intense cravings that triggers addiction. They are doing this by tweaking the reward pathways that reinforce addictive patterns. But is managed alcoholism still alcoholism? Should we be seeking such treatments or simply make people choose between intoxication or sobriety?


Top 10 Addiction PSA’s from the 80’s (part 1)

The first in a series of posts that fondly remember the public service announcements of the 1980′s. They certainly worked to keep me out of the stash that decade, but ironically fueled the addiction fire in the 90′s. Enjoy.


Huffing and inhalant use in the military

Inhalant use on the rise in the military. But who’s doing anything about it? And just what are our troops inhaling anyways?


Alcoholic energy drinks removed from the market

Read about how non-profit and government agencies can influence the marketplace … simply by voicing their objection. Can and should you do this in your recovery, too?


Top 10 church signs to support addiction recovery

Can you see and appreciate the frequent irony of messages on church signs? Take a look at these handful of messages that can also be applied to recovery. If we just open our eyes, the messages are all around us!